So, yeah…turkeys

Do you belong to writing groups other than romance ones? I do, to a couple of local ones. Much of the writing isn’t serious, but we have a good time and it broadens horizons. I learn stuff from people who write other things and I hope sometimes they learn from me. We have a writing prompt every month, and the one for November was turkeys. Surprise.

But I’m probably over-explaining this, right? The truth is, I didn’t have a thing to write about this month and I just now realized–it’s Tuesday night–that Wednesday is my day. So, for want of anything better and because my ego’s way too big to give up a day on the blog and also to demonstrate that waiting till the last minute IS a habit of mine, here’s my November assignment for the Akron, Indiana writer’s group.


I’m trying, this night before the writing group meets when I’m running out of time, to come up with something to write about. Turkeys. Yes, really. The ones in my life. I just checked Karen’s email, thinking it might have gone up in cybersmoke, leaving the subject open to something where I might actually have something to say. But it didn’t. Hmmm.


Turkey #1, my first grade teacher, who said I did not read my entire Dick and Jane reader while sitting in the stable with the barn cats while my mom and brother milked cows. I did so, and I never completely forgave her.

Turkey #2, my high school boyfriend. He was my high school boyfriend—what else do I need to say?

Turkey #3, my 2006 Pontiac Torrent, which I bought new off the lot in Logansport [Indiana] and loved to distraction and almost immediately became a piece of…turkey. Yes, turkey.

Turkey #4, the Compaq laptop I had before my present time beloved Lenovo. Although my husband plays Solitaire and Googles things on it, it was never good for anything else.

Turkey #5, Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones are both cheaper and taste better.

Turkey #6, did I mention my high school boyfriend?

Turkey #7, boots with heels. Everyone else looks great in them. I look short and round and walk with an unattractive forward tilt.

Over the years, I’ve worked for turkeys, with turkeys, and, alas, I’ve been a turkey. That’s all over now, though. I am retired, and I soar with eagles.



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  1. Your turkey story reminded me of a couple turkey stories of my own. #1 reminded me of my husband’s niece who told her grade one class about the weasel in the attic in her grandparent’s house, and was told by her teacher she shouldn’t tell lies. She wasn’t lying. It was an old farmhouse, and God only knows what other creatures were living in there.

    #3. My brother-in-law had a Pontiac Torrent, also bought new, also a turkey. I guess there’s a reason they discontinued the line.

    Considering you had nothing to say, you did great, Liz!

  2. Thanks, Jana! I remember that same teacher going around the room asking where we’d been on a trip and how long it took to get there. I had only been on one trip, which was to PA, and even though it was only 500 miles, we spent the night on the way, so I said it took a day and a half. Another girl said it took a half-day. She told us both we hadn’t gone to Pennsylvania even though we knew we had. She was a real peach.

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