The Wicked Play Soundtrack

As others have said, inspiration for story ideas can come from anywhere. The initial spark can be from a picture or song lyric or place or—you get the idea. While writing though, my true inspiration comes from music. I have to write with earbuds in and songs flowing to keep the words coming. Every book I write has a theme song that kind of defines the mood and sentiment of the story. I get my rhythm from it and somehow, it helps to hold my stories together.

Shattered Bonds, the seventh and final book in my Wicked Play series, came out this week, so I thought I go through the theme songs for each book to show you what inspired me. I usually end up with a whole playlist, but for this I picked out the one song I played on repeat the most.

I’ll warn you, they don’t always make sense if you’re looking for a direct link to the end story. But they worked for me while I was writing. It’s a very eclectic mix which goes to show that anything can catch my attention and it’s usually a sudden “bam, that’s the song.”

Bonds of Trust, Wicked Play #1 – Mumford & Sons, The Cave

Bonds of Need, Wicked Play #2 – Matt Fishel, Testiment

Bonds of Desire, Wicked Play #3 – Linkin Park, Given Up (Tyler’s song) & In Between

Bonds of Hope, Wicked Play #4 – Bon Jovi, It’s My Life

Bonds of Denial, Wicked Play #5 – Skillet – Awake and Alive

Bond of Courage, Wicked Play #6 – Avicii, Wake Me Up

Shattered Bonds, Wicked Play #7 – Jasmine Thompson – Let Her Go

And there you have a peek into my inspiration for the Wicked Play series (and a trip down memory lane for me).

I’m working on the Power Play series right now and already have my song lists going. Once again, they are very different for each book. But then, every book is very different.


The Wicked Play Soundtrack — 4 Comments

  1. As a writer who needs silence to write, I’m fascinated by your soundtracks and theme songs, Lynda. Listening to the songs, I can definitely see (hear) what I’m missing. But I know it won’t work for me. I say, whatever works, go for it!

    • I edit in silence, it’s only while drafting that I need music. Most of the time it disappears from my mind when I’m deep in the writing mode until I don’t even remember what song was playing. While other times it actually drives the words to the page.

      Everyone is different. The key is finding what works for you.

    • Yes. Every book has it own soundtrack even if it’s just a different Pandora station. I’d go nuts if I drafted in silence. :-) But that’s me. I trained myself to work to music while toiling in the corporate world for thirteen years.

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