Why I Want To Sleep With All My Heroes

FriendsToLoversI’m pretty blunt (aka I have no filter), so I see no point to beating around the bush. I really do want to sleep with every hero I write. (Yes, my husband is aware of this…to some degree. I mean, don’t start a conversation with him about it, but he’s cool). Why do I have the drooling lusties for my heroes? To make them believable for my readers.

I have to think about the hero of a single title book for about four months straight, while I write. Not to mention all the time I spend plotting before hand and release promo after. That is a TON of one-on-one mental time with them. I’ve got to like them. I’ve got to want them. I’ve got to fall hard for them.

The best part is that, because they are 1) wholly fictional and 2) wholly under my control, is that I can write the guys you want – but know would be awful for you in the long run. In my latest release, Friends To Lovers, the hero is an unashamed lothario. His female BFF describes him as ‘a man who goes through women faster than I go through a pint of chocolate chip mint’. He sleeps with any and every willing woman, shows them a great time, and leaves them with a smile on their face. He always leaves. Always.

As we all know, that’s the White Whale of dating to women the world over. Who hasn’t wished she could be the one to get George Clooney to happily abandon his playboy lifestyle just for her? The feeling of deep personal satisfaction to know that you were able to give him something all those supermodels couldn’t? (Never gonna happen, by the way. You heard it here first.)

In real life, we’d probably end up looking at the hero I just described with pity. As a man so shallow or so scarred that he’s going to miss out on the joys of truly sharing every part of himself with someone else. We’d never set him up with our girlfriends, because we assumed there’d be no chance of a happy ending.

Except when I’m at the keyboard. Where I can plumb those hidden depths, force him to be emotionally self-aware and selfless at all the right moments. Where I can turn him from the hot guy I want to sleep with into the perfect guy for a happily ever after. So yes, I make darn sure that I want to sleep with every leading man I write, from the dark & sexy bad boys to the suave & sexy charmers to the awkward & sexy geeks (are you sensing a theme?). Because if I can convince my happily married self that these men are compelling beyond belief, my heroines and my readers will feel the same way.

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Why I Want To Sleep With All My Heroes — 2 Comments

  1. I spend more time with these imaginary characters than I do with real people, including my husband. My heroes must be interesting enough, sexy enough, lovable enough to hold my interest for the time it takes to get their story on the computer and then cleaned up. Even when I’m not actively writing them, I’m thinking about them, obsessing over them. They’re with me 24/7. Yes, even when I’m sleeping. And your post only just now made me realize this. It’s no wonder they’re so real to me. Thanks!

  2. I hadn’t thought about in quite that way, Christi, but it totally makes sense. If I don’t have the ‘drooling lusties’ for my hero, why would a reader? Definitely going to give that idea more thought (don’t tell my husband!)

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