Why Baby-Daddies Give Good Swoon

I think over the course of all my posts here on CRC I’ve made my stance on swoon pretty clear: give it to me or take a hike. And while I love the wounded souls, the animal lovers, the plain old nice guys that all give it in spades, there is something undeniably swoon-worthy about a single dad.

David Beckham and daughter. Photo courtesy of imnotobsessed.com

David Beckham and daughter. Photo courtesy of imnotobsessed.com

I might go as far as to say that you put a baby in the arms of a man and his attractiveness instantly shoots off the charts. I think it’s because there is just something about seeing these too-large men with their too-large hands and their too-large personalities being so gentle with a baby or so kind with a little girl or so playful with a little boy.

And when an author gives me a hero who’s hands-on with a kid? Forget it. I’m done.

Let's stop for a minute and take this in: Leather jacket. Sunglasses. BABY BJORN. Ovary kersplosion. (photo courtesy of People Magazine)

Let’s stop for a minute and take this in: Leather jacket. Sunglasses. BABY BJORN. Ovary kersplosion. (photo courtesy of People Magazine)





There was Jack in Smooth Talking Stranger from Lisa Kleypas, who swooped in so lovingly and with all the confidence and composure that only an alpha male can give you. And it wasn’t even his kid! Let that settle in your brains for a minute. He was this loving, caring, attentive man with a child he didn’t even create!

Then there was Josh in Forever and a Day who was a single dad just trying to keep his head above water, but wanting only the best for his son.

I’d love to give you a list of about four more, but I just realized if I did that, I’d spoil all those books and, well, I’m not that person, so I’ll just leave it at those two and let you go on the hunt for the ever elusive hot alpha dad yourself.

CARINA_1213_9781426897597_SeasonofSecondChancesWhile I love reading about these dads, I also have a soft spot for writing them. In my upcoming novella, Season of Second Chances, my hero, whom I’ve referred to from the beginning as Hot Single Dad, was a no-brainer for me to write. Angela James posted the call for the anthology and this idea of a dad raising his daughter jointly with a (non-evil!) ex-girlfriend just sort of exploded in my mind. And before I knew it, I had this whole persona created for him that was only that much hotter because he had this little girl he loved more than anything.

As I’m always on the look-out for good daddy swoons, give me your recs! I’d love to hear what the last book was that gave you the daddy-swoons.


Why Baby-Daddies Give Good Swoon — 11 Comments

  1. You are so right! I love watching my husband with our kids. Ever since they were infants he would cuddle them and tell them how much he loves him. Our son (who is now 12) has always been his “bud” and our daughter (who is now 9) has always been his “princess.” Nothing sexier than a man with a child. I will be checking out this book of yours!

    I loved Jack in Smooth Talking Stranger and Josh in Forever and a Day. Let’s see, other Dad’s in books…I know I have read some but can’t think of any specifically that I have read about lately in Contemporary Romance. I am very intrigued why Jeffe Kennedy’s Rogue (from Rogue’s Possession and Rogue’s Pawn) wants a child so bad. I am sure when he does eventually have a child he will protect it with his life, though!

  2. I was all set to say that I’ve never really been into the daddy thing and then BOOM! I read Amy’s comment and realized that, yes, Rogue will be a daddy at some point here. The mind boggles!

  3. I love everything about this post – especially the part where you give me books to read with baby-daddies. For some reason, I especially love when he’s a strong Alpha who is at a loss when it comes to kids and has to learn his way around them. I’ve been stuck in a bubble of work reads lately, so I think the last one I can remember reading and really enjoying the daddy part was Susan Mallery’s Two of a Kind. Gideon was such a fumbling, confused mess when it came to this sudden child (not even a baby but STILL). Made him so much hotter!

  4. My favorite literary hot single dads are the ones you write, of course.

    As for real-life,picspam-worthy dads, I gotta say, I wasn’t super-sold on Chris Hemsworth, regardless of his ability to swing a hammer. But that man looks very fine holding a baby.

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