Where the Creativity Flows

My office is a secluded loft, out of ear-shot of the never-ending droning of the TV (or the TV, the iPad and an additional laptop whenever my husband is near), or the incessant calls of, “Mommy!” It’s tucked away in a private place that’s all mine. Decorated in vintage chic with pale blue walls in the shade tranquility, it houses an antique desk and the perfect chair that I can sit in for hours and not want to get up. One whole wall has floor to ceiling bookcases, filled with all my favorite books, photos of my family, and a few knickknacks that mean the world to me. I face the window when I write, and a gorgeous landscape as far I can see greets me. I also have several pool boys fanning me and feeding me chocolate covered strawberries as I work.

I went too far with that last one, didn’t I?

photo 2(3)Okay, you got me. My office is none of those things. Someday, maybe, my office will be all of those things (minus the pool boys…my husband probably wouldn’t be very fond of that). But until that day, my office is…wherever I can get it. Right now that tends to be my kitchen island, the chaise in my living room, or an unoccupied table at Starbucks/Panera/Corner Bakery.

It turns out I’m not picky about where I write. The creativity greets me at my dining room table, in my bedroom, in the living room, kitchen, back deck…you get the idea. I’ve come to realize I really only need two things when I write: the absence of chatter (that’s what ear-buds are for when I’m out and nap-time is for when I’m home) and a clutter-free space if I’m writing at home. Other than that, I’m good to go.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly photo 1(3)collecting images of my ideal writing retreat. A space that’s all mine where nap-time and clutter don’t exist. Alas, until we either A) move into a bigger house or B) tear down that garage and build a new one with a loft above it like I want, I’ve gotta make do with what I have and crank out these words whether I have a dedicated space or not. After all, these books currently under contract aren’t going to write themselves…



Where the Creativity Flows — 7 Comments

  1. That table is so clean! How do you get a table that clean? I’m pretty sure I’m marked for life. Tell me it’s a stock photo!

    The laptop certainly changed all our lives, didn’t it? Even though I have an office and that’s where I usually write, I love the portability of how we can work now.

    • Ha! That is not a stock photo. That is my (hardly ever) very clean and shiny island. To make you feel better, I could take a pic of it now. On it: a pirate costume, a rainbow art project, a vase of flowers, three phones, a jar of cashews, a dirty napkin, a business card, a puddle of…milk? and a glass of water. Oh, and my laptop.

  2. Okay, you had me with that initial description. I started to get a little suspicious the floor-to-ceiling bookcases. 😉 I admire you and everyone here who has managed to be so prolific without a quiet little writing hideaway.

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