When Plot Bunnies Attack

I’ve never had a problem finding inspiration. My issue is the opposite actually—I have too many ideas and not enough time to write them all. Playing the “what if” game is my favorite thing to do as an author.

Via BigStockPhoto

Via BigStockPhoto

Like last week I was watching a cowboy use an iPad in my local Starbucks (I live in a really small western town!) and wondered what if he was there to meet someone he met online. Or a few months ago I was watching an episode of Charmed and wondered what if instead of sisters it was about a group of four brothers with witchy powers, maybe each one controls an element of earth, wind, air and fire. And a while back I saw someone tweet that they had to take their partner’s birthday spankings for them. LOL! I’m so going to use that in one of my future stories :) Obviously it doesn’t take much to spark my writerly mind.

Right now my Ideas folder in my Dropbox has over fifteen stories in some shape or form—outlines, a few pages of dialogue, or even just two lines sketching the idea—and those are just the ones I’ve taken the time to write something down on. I have plot bunnies coming out of my ears!

I have been known to give away plot bunnies that I just can’t handle myself. Like the time I found out about the Doorway to Hell. I posted a link to the amazing pictures on a writing forum I’m a member of. It just screams paranormal or urban fantasy and unfortunately for me, world building isn’t my strong point right now.

But my biggest problem is that I don’t write fast enough to keep up with all the ideas and inspiration I have. When I first started writing, I would give in to the plot bunny and drop whatever I was writing to chase the shiny, new idea swirling in my head. Of course it’s really hard to finish stories that way! Now as a published author I know better…

…or at least I mostly do, sometimes it’s too hard to resist when the plot bunnies attack!

You can read about the fruits of Gillian’s inspiration by visiting her website.


When Plot Bunnies Attack — 14 Comments

  1. Glad I’m not the only one with all these ideas running through my mind. I use EverNote to corral mine. I’m more focused now so I don’t go chasing after those plot bunnies, but I have a few partial manuscripts started during my bunny-chasing days that I’d really like to go back and complete.

  2. I envy you this. My writing is a lot like my cooking: I’ll cook anything you like if you’ll just tell me what to cook. I’ll write about anything if you’ll just give me an idea–I’ll provide the people!

    Great post!

    • Heh. Well feel free to click on my Door to Hell link above. I’m sure lots of ideas will bubble to the surface. *Makes mental note to unload future plot bunnies on Liz* Bwahahaha!

  3. Hi, Gillian –

    I have a Scrivener file called “Random Ideas,” where I keep a document for each hare-brained :-) thought that passes through my brain. Good news is one of those ideas was the spark for a new contemporary series that I’ll write after Texas Nights is complete!


    • That’s the one reason I’m not a fan of series as an author–it takes up so much time and keeps me away from certain bunnies. Says the girl who just started a second series…

  4. We are kindred spirits! I need more time to play with all the bunnies I have corralled in my Dropbox folder!

  5. Yes, so many ideas so little time. You guys are way more high tech then I am. I have a binder that I write ideas in by hand. I usually find if I give those bunnies a few minutes and write down the story swirling in my head, I can then go back to my current WIP.

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