When Jo Didn’t Pick Laurie (or Why I Write Romance)

Winona Ryder and Christian Bale as Jo March and Laurie.

As we enter a New Year, I am reminded of some of the many reasons I’m compelled to write stories of love, contentious families and protagonists struggling to discover their authentic selves. I was revising a line of my upcoming novella, Playing by the Ruleswhich references one of the primary events that compelled me to begin spinning stories of my own.

Jo March’s rejection of Laurie’s proposal in Little Women. 

They’re characters, not real people. But they certainly feel like old friends. Even now, three decades later, I’m still a bit miffed about Jo’s choice. (Here’s 13 Reasons Why Jo Should Have Picked Laurie.) Yet, not getting the ending I wanted in this beloved story was one of the reasons I was moved to begin writing stories of my own. I wanted to control the ending. Ensure that the characters who should got their happy endings.

I have since discovered that even characters of my own imagination don’t always behave according to plan. Still, it’s nice to be in relative control of the outcome. 😉

As sad as the scene from Little Women always makes me, here are a few others that never cease to make me smile.

Mr. Darcy’s second proposal to Elizabeth

The Kissing Scene from Pretty Women

Brown Sugar — Dre and Sidney Get Together

My Big, Fat Greek Wedding First Date Scene

What are some of your favorite scenes in romances or romantic movies? Is there a particular story or scene that made you want to write or made you a forever fan of romance?


When Jo Didn’t Pick Laurie (or Why I Write Romance) — 6 Comments

  1. I can’t think of one particular scene or story that made me a forever fan. Maybe those first romances I read as a kid? Sue Barton, the student nurse? But honestly, even before those books, Barbie and Ken, and Midge and Alan were busy falling in love. I had a huge crush on Alan.

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