When I grow up, I want to write like…

I’ve always been a reader. Since I was three I could be found in close proximity to a book, even if I wasn’t able to read it. Over the years, I’ve come to admire a great number of writers, people who have ideas that are mind blowing and prose that make me want to weep with joy.

In other words, people I wish I could be like.

I debated how I wanted to do this post. Should I list off my favourite books and why I love them so? Should I give a list of authors and detail out what it is about their talent that I admire as much as I do?

Instead I decided to go with some examples of writing by the authors who I admire, who have influenced me in one way or the other. I’ll let you judge their merits for yourself.

Margaret Attwood (being Canadian, I’ve read a lot of her in university)

tumblr_mc2touo8e71qjcanko1_500 water

Robert Frost (I have incorporated Miles to go in my tattoo)



Joss Whedon (the man is brilliant)

joss 1

joss 2


Christopher Nolan (because he has some of the best dialogue)

chris nolan





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