What It Takes To Start Over With A New Series

Seneca LakeI just spent a year and a half writing my four book, Aisle Bound series. In the middle of all that, I also churned out two Christmas novellas and a category length beach fling book. But I kept coming back to my Chicago wedding series. I was immersed in it. I had Chicago and weddings and flowers and cakes on the brain constantly. And the six main characters I created, who repeated in all four books, were always there, on the edge of my subconscious. Feels like they were my entire life.

But I finished writing the last book in May. As much as I loved them all, I’ve gotta admit I was DONE. So in honor of this month’s theme (what we’re working on now), I’m opening the vault to let you know about my next series.

Yup. I’ve started another trilogy…or more…. Contemporary romantic comedy, of course, set on the shores of the Finger Lakes in New York (see the picture above – on a very windy day – of my hubby and I at the end of Seneca Lake). How does it feel to start something brand new? TERRIFIC! Also overwhelming. I’ve got all the main characters set (and wow! those men are handsome), but there are many secondary characters who pop in and need to be fully personalized.

I also have to be a set designer. Draw up building plans for all of their apartments/houses/stores/workplaces. Then I have to decorate each room. Choose the real life public areas around the lake that I’ll use. Map out the timeline. Gotta make sure they don’t fall in love in three and a half days! Come up with a full and distinctive wardrobe for each character. Oh, and of course the backstory and actual plot.

But I’m not complaining. That is all loads of fun. Definitely time-consuming, though. And no matter how much preparation I do, I still feel like every two pages that I write, I have to stop and figure something out. Because this whole world is new to me. I’ve been in a comfort zone of familiar places and faces for far too long. So I embrace this newness with a sense of excitement. And now, will I tell you what the series is actually about? HECK, NO! We writers are a superstitious folk, after all. But I promise, when I can, to spill some secrets with you all first.


What It Takes To Start Over With A New Series — 3 Comments

  1. It is fun to have characters that travel with you from one book to the next. We become so attached to them. But I can definitely understand why after awhile you’d feel like it’s time to move on. Creating new characters and the world they inhabit are awful fun, too.

  2. Since I’ve just finished writing the first book in a new series, what you’re going through sounds SO familiar. (Thank heavens for Pinterest so I can save the visuals!) And for this uber-plotter, I’m certain I’m stopping every other paragraph, not every couple of pages, LOL. But by the time you’re done, it’s really neat to be able to step back and look at the world you’ve created with satisfaction, isn’t it?

  3. Yep, all those things I hate to think about when I start a new book. Floor plans, interior design (no talent whatsoever, so I spend a lot of time looking at rooms online), clothes. But for me the worst is coming up with the perfect name.

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