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Recently the idea for a friends-to-lovers story that centers around New Year’s popped in my head. It was too late to pursue the novella for this year’s holiday season, but I’ll have a great headstart on next season. (Assuming I don’t spend the next few months putzing around with the idea, as I sometimes do.)

That’s when it struck me that I couldn’t recall reading any holiday-themed romances.

Fortunately, I had one on my Kindle. I’d recently purchased a copy of the Christmas romance anthology The One That I Want, which includes novellas by Donna Hill, Zuri Day and Cheris Hodges–a fellow member of the HOT Multicultural Authors of the Mid Atlantic (Hot M.A.M.A. Land), where I also blog.

So, I started with Cheris’s story, “Christmas Surprise,” about a wife who serves her husband–a self-made millionaire and workaholic who loves, but sorely neglects his wife–with divorce papers for Christmas. At the behest of her mother-in-law, no less. It’s the story of a strong heroine, the man who loves her, but who has temporarily forgotten what love is really all about and their determination to get back to the heart of what really matters.

While I was reading “Christmas Surprise,” I saw a recommendation on Facebook for another Christmas anthology, Hot Christmas Nights, featuring stories by Farrah Rochon (an author I’ve been dying to read), Terra Little and Velvet Carter. So, I swooped that one up, too. I practically inhaled Rochon’s novella, “Tuscan Nights.” Come for the second-chance-at-romance story set in historic Italian towns and cities at Christmastime. Stay for the skilled storytelling, Rochon’s unique voice and the well-developed characters. I can’t wait to read her next book.

Want more holiday romance recommendations? Discover a wide range of holiday-themed romances over at Carina Press. There are several I want to read, starting with All I’m Asking for: A Contemporary Christmas Anthology which includes stories by Cafe members Christi Barth, Brighton Walsh and Kat Latham.

If you want a story that mixes a holiday-themed romance with action and suspense, check out Jana Richards recommendation below.

What I’m Reading — Jana Richards

I was in the mood for romantic suspense, so when my friend Karyn Good asked me to read her newest release (release date November 7, 2014 from The Wild Rose Press), I jumped at the chance. OFF THE GRID starts with a bang when a pregnant teenager in labor arrives unannounced at Dr. Sophie Monroe’s inner city clinic on Christmas Eve. And did I mention there’s a snowstorm? In the middle of the chaos, attorney Caleb Quinn arrives. He’s supposed to be Sophie’s date at the fundraiser his office is throwing to raise money for her clinic, but of course she’s a little busy delivering a baby!

Caleb just wants to prove to Sophie that he isn’t the elitist jerk she thinks he is. He’s not prepared to help deliver a baby, and he’s definitely not prepared when the girl claims the baby’s father is one of the city’s most influential businessmen, a friend from Caleb’s childhood. It turns out that his friend has a dark side, and he’ll do anything to keep it hidden. I’m looking forward to finding out how far this guy will go. Will doing the right thing cost Sophie and Caleb their reputations? Or their lives?


Now that sounds intriguing. I’ll have to add that one to my list. (Who knew that holiday-themed romances were like Lays potato chips? You can never be satisfied with just one.)

What holiday-themed romances are you reading? Do you have favorites you would recommend?


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  1. Hey Reese! Your recommendations sound wonderful! I am definitely going to check those out. So many wonderful writers!

    And I love the group you belong to, Hot M.A.M.A Land! I took a quick peek at the blog. Loved it!

    All the best!

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