What Gillian Archer is working on…

…is a complicated statement. At this exact moment in time, I have so many irons in the fire sometimes it makes my head ache hopping between them all. So let’s break it down.

Out for Query: In a day or two I’ll send my biker story off to the lovely Carina editor who gave me an R&R (revise and resubmit for those of you who are readers & not writers) a few months back. Tentatively titled, RUTHLESS, my biker story has an anti-hero, the brutality that comes with a very territorial motorcycle club, lies and deception and the wholesome girl who has to come to terms with the man she’s falling in love with. It was initially a 20k novella for a submission call. After a few months and some sweat, it’s now a 60k+ novel. I’m hopeful that the editor will read it and love it as much as I do. *fingers crossed* But since it’s not my first rodeo, I already have a plan B. And a plan C :)

Currently plotting: With RUTHLESS and UP IN KNOTS (more on that one in a minute!) off my plate for the most part, I’m currently plotting book three of my Pleasure Code series. Which may involve a character from UP IN KNOTS and the girl he broke up with five years ago…and I don’t know what else—I haven’t gotten that far! I’m also tossing around the idea of plotting a sequel to my biker story. Unfortunately I have more than one anti-hero to choose from and I don’t know who/where to start. Of course if the editor wants the story, I’ll have another brain to pick about who should be the star of book two.

And as always there are countless plot bunnies multiplying in my head as I type this. I have this one royalty bunny that I really want to work on but until I finish one of these two series I have going, I don’t think it’d be wise to play with it. Two series are driving me nuts as it is, I don’t think I could handle three!

Coming SoonPublisher Edits: Today I’ll also be getting line edits for book two of my Pleasure Code series with Carina Press, UP IN KNOTS. It’s a story full of angst, rope and kinky sex. If you’ve read the first book in the series, you should know the hero of UP IN KNOTS, bad boy top Sawyer. It will be on virtual shelves early 2014. Here’s a little (unedited) sneak peak:

Kyla nodded but she was distracted by the sound of the door behind them opening. Turning, she stared straight into the eyes of the man she had been fantasizing about for so long. There he was. Bad boy Sawyer in the flesh. He looked exactly like the pictures of him on Twitter. From his dusty blonde hair to his goatee and wireframe glasses. But pictures couldn’t capture that roguish swagger he had. A natural air of dominance swirled around him. Maybe it was the way he walked or the tilt of his chin but whatever it was had her nipples standing at attention.

Especially once she noticed he was staring right at her. Kyla’s mind blanked. All the little witty lines she’d thought up during the drive over disappeared. She’d gone from a sexy, confident woman to a stuttering teen in a heartbeat.

Oh dear heaven, he was gorgeous.

“Mistress Neri.”

Even his voice was sexy. His baritone pitch had an erotic, playfulness that had her wanting to hear more. Look at her. He’d said two words and she was ready to fall at his feet. She had to get herself under control.

“Sawyer, hey. Running a bit late? I thought your class already started.”

“Nah, still have a few,” he looked at his watch, “seconds. You know me.”

“Yeah, ‘punctuality is the eighth deadly sin.’ If I had a dollar every time you said that. One of these days a woman is really gonna make you pay for your tardiness.”

Sawyer gave a Gallic shrug. “Doubt it. Are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

“Sawyer this is Kyla. Kyla, Sawyer.” Neri gave him a suspicious sideline look.

He didn’t appear to notice. He kept a respectful distance and inclined his head, but his wolfish grin had her toes curling. This was one dangerous man. Yes, please.

He laughed. “Much as I’d love to oblige such a lovely lady, I have a class to teach.”

While he nodded at both of them then continued down the hall, a wave of mortification swept over Kyla. She said that out loud?

Of course she’d had an audience for her humiliating moment. Unwilling to face Neri and her knowing eyes, Kyla took a beat and watched the beauty of Sawyer walking down the hall. His black leather pants couldn’t quite conceal the magnificence of his ass flexing with his walk. Of course the gray handkerchief waving from his back left pocket drew attention to his delectable rear. She knew a lot of the dominants in his circle liked to use the flagging code to proclaim their preferences. What other color would the king of rope fly other than gray, the color of bondage. Maybe it meant he was looking for a submissive. Wasn’t that what they used the hanky code for? She might have picked the best time to attend one of Sawyer’s classes after all if he needed a playmate.

For more information on my upcoming books check out the coming soon page on my website.

Do any of these stories tickle your fancy? For the writers out there, how many stories do you have in some part of the publishing cycle right now? Any tips on how to jump back and forth between them all? My eyelid’s starting to twitch just thinking about it lol!


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