What are you reading today?

The blogger I invited for the first of the month didn’t show up, so it seemed like a good time to talk about what we’re reading. It must be said here that book reviews I write are almost as awful as my synopses, so I’m going to spare you that. This is just what I’ve read lately.

Pamela Morsi’s MR. RIGHT GOES WRONG hit my Kindle on the day it came out and I spent the day before yesterday—nearly in its entirety—reading about Mazy, Eli, and Tru and loving all of them. I’ve said a lot more times than anyone’s interested in hearing that I miss Ms. Morsi’s historicals and want her to write them again. This doesn’t even slow down how much I enjoy her contempories.

A couple of weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that Mary Balogh had sneaked the third of her Survivor’s Club series, THE ESCAPE, right past me. There went another productive day. And what a fun way to spend it.

I’ve read some others that I’ve enjoyed—Kristina Knight’s LIGHT MY FIRE and Kristan Higgins’ WAITING ON YOU. I’ve reread favorites—Nan Reinhardt’s ONCE MORE FROM THE TOP and James Herriot’s ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL.

It is all manna to my soul. What about you? What are you reading? — Liz Flaherty

I’m currently reading Parasite by Mira Grant, and an early version of Lisa Nicholas’s debut novel,The Farther I Fall. (The latter won’t be out until January, from Berkley Intermix, and doesn’t yet have a listing on Amazon, even.) — Dianne Fox

I’m reading Sex/Gender by Anne Fausto-Sterling and rereading Gay New York by George Chauncey. — Anah Crow


What are you reading today? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Liz,
    For once I don’t have a book on the go, so I appreciate your recommendations. I’ve got all the James Herriot books, All Creatures Great and Small, All things Bright and Beautiful, The Lord God Made them All. I love his writing and his account of being a vet in England in the 1930s. So many poignant stories. I love Mary Balogh and I really need to read her Survivor’s Club series!

  2. Just finished reading Betting on Grace by Nicole Edwards. It’s her second book in the Dead Heat Ranch series about the 5 Lambert sisters finding their way to HEA.

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