Welcome to the Contemporary Romance Café

Welcome to the Contemporary Romance Café–a place as cozy as your favorite coffee shop–where the locals congregate to discuss love and life. A place where laughter fills the air and contemporary romance is always on the menu.


Grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a scone). We’ve saved a space for you here on the couch where you can dish with resident Carina Press authors and our guests about your favorite novels and characters. Get a peek behind the scenes at the magic and craziness of being a storyteller. Sample juicy excerpts. Discover authors and novels that will keep you up all night feverishly turning pages.

Each day a different author is serving up a new post that is piping hot, fresh out of the oven, and made with loving care just for you. This month we’re sharing what inspires us and our stories. Jana Richards tells us about when she got “the call.” Jeffe Kennedy reveals  the sensual lure of New Orleans and its impact on her novel, Ruby. Amie Denman reveals that the “fictional” town in Her Lucky Catch isn’t so fictional.  Guest Shannon Stacey explains how she gets inspiration from the “visual version of eavesdropping.”

Here at the Café we serve up contemporary romance in every flavor. Sweet romances like Liz Flaherty’s Jar of Dreams. Sizzling romances like Brighton Walsh’s upcoming Plus One and Rachel John’s Stand-In Star. 

Need something hotter still?

We’ve got that, too. Try a red-hot romance like Jeffe Kennedy’s upcoming Ruby, Jodie Griffin’s Forbidden Fantasies, or Lynda Aicher’s Bonds of Need.

Chat with resident authors. Read guest posts by Fiona Lowe and New York Times bestselling author, Shannon Stacey. Discover revealing interviews with stand-out indie authors: Minx Malone, Kendall Ryan, Jami Alden, and J.A. Redmerski and more.

Whether you like your romance sweet or savory we’ve got just the contemporary romance for you, and we’re delighted to be the new home of all things contemporary romance. To kick off the celebration we’re giving away lots of goodies. For starters, during the month of May we’re giving away one $25 Amazon gift card each week.

But wait, there’s more.

In addition to the weekly drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card, one lucky Café visitor will win our Grand Prize! The Grand Prize is a $50 Amazon gift card and a virtual basket filled to the brim with contemporary romance titles from our resident authors–nearly an additional $70 value. Enter the weekly drawing below. Enter the Grand Prize drawing here.

Let the celebration begin.
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Welcome to the Contemporary Romance Café — 24 Comments

  1. How exciting to have a new sight where we can visit with authors we know and love and meet new authors we want to try out. Thanks for sending me this way Liz Flaherty.

    • Thanks, Rachael! So exciting to finally be launched after so much work and planning. It’s been a fun ride and I’m looking forward to even more fun now that we’re live.

    • So glad you came on over, Stephanie. We’re definitely hoping that the Café will be a cozy space for authors and readers to connect, and for authors to get to know each other.

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  3. What a fabulous idea to have a virtual cafe. Thank you and I look forward to chatting about books and consuming delicious scones with virtual calories! Brilliant, really

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