Walking to Write

treadmill deskThe merry month of May commences!

If you follow any of the sexier circles on the internet, you know exactly what that means. ~lays finger coyly alongside nose~

For the rest of us, it means the onset of warmer weather and skimpier, less forgiving clothing. That dovetails very neatly for me with the topic of the month here at CRC – where we write!

Because, see, I write from my treadmill desk.

And yes, it’s made a huge difference for me. I set it up in February 2013 and did a one-year later blog post here. (That post also contains a link to my Grand Opening post, which gives specs and links to where I bought the pieces, etc.) Since I started using the treadmill desk, I’ve lost 12 pounds, 9 pounds of that in body fat. I only recently started to track my actual mileage, but I average about 7-8 miles/day. I write for typically 3 hours and go for 2,500 words. During April I walked over 150 miles and wrote 60,000 words. Writing desk outside

I love my writing space.

This is the other thing I love about it. (The desk is hydraulic, so I can raise and lower it. Here it’s in the low position.) I am an amazingly lucky woman and have an incredible view. Standing, walking or sitting, I’m privileged to gaze down the Galisteo Basin, watch the mountains change color and see the wildlife go by.

This is what I see.

Writing Desk ViewPretty inspiring, huh?


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