Vagabond Maggie

Where do I write?

I have an office. A pretty nice one. See?


Yes, that is a bag of Caramello Koalas on my desk. A girl needs fuel.

But I don’t write there much anymore. I blame noisy hubby syndrome. You see, my work-from-home mister and I share this space (his is not as cute), and frankly, he’s distracting.

Most nights, you can find me here:


This chair has seen a lot of action. I wrote my first full-length novel (Contentment – part of the Love Finds A Way boxed set – only $0.99!) in this chair. I also wrote most of my Hot Nights In St. Blaise series as well as my upcoming Harlequin-E release – The Last First Date.

I also watch quite a bit of television from this spot. The Voice, Mad Men, Castle…Anyone watching Mr. Selfridge? As you can see, it’s an all-purpose chair. Best of all? It’s all mine!

Contentment_SMLOVEFINDSAWAY-3D-MDThe Last First Date by Maggie Wells


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  1. Pardon me while I giggle at the ‘this chair has seen a lot of action’ comment. I hear it’s a mighty fine ‘chatting with the girls’ chair too. Continued writing success from your chair.

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