TV Characters I Love: Malcolm Reynolds and Richard Castle

Please welcome guest author Mira Noire to the Cafe. I’ve have the pleasure of working with Mira on the Passionate Ink board. She is fabulous!

While there’s no shortage of posts on the web about how hot and charming Nathan Fillion the Man is, you’ll notice they all tend to blur a certain je ne sais adorableness into the coverage of Nathan the Man and the characters he plays in TV and film.

Natha Fillian in FireflyI was introduced to Nathan’s magic when my love for Sci-Fi action flicks brought me across the character of Malcolm Reynolds in the fun movie Serenity (2005). From there, I learned more about Malcolm the Character in the TV show Firefly (2002-3), from which point I of course began to cybercrush hard on Nathan the Man, like just about every other Sci-Fi girl geek out there on the Interwebs. (Follow him on Twitter and you’ll fall hard, too; just look deep into those bottomless storm-blue eyes …)

This, of course, led me to reliving scenes from the Firefly show in great detail, thinking deeply on Malcolm the “Man,” his nuances and why his story should have had at least 4 more seasons to unfold under show creator Joss Whedon’s guiding hand (he also created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel; I’m sorry people, those really don’t surpass Firefly, come on!).

After facing the loss of Malcolm’s face regularly showing up to seduce me with new and exciting episodes, I was delighted but wary at the appearance of Richard Castle on my TV — and I avoided watching the new show for a solid year. I was afraid he’d get canceled, that maybe it’d be awkward and weird because he wasn’t dressed as Cappy Tightpants. What modern man in today’s world could compete with that? But oh, Mr. Castle stepped up to the plate, and deep down I know it’s because deep in his very DNA, Nathan Fillion channels some deeply delicious character aspects with both of these characters that are utter kryptonite for women (or gay men, or pansexuals, or bisexuals — I respect your sexual freedom!). Which is why Castle has been running on TV for 7 years (and is hopefully about to be renewed for an 8th). And very probably, a lot of those yummy aspects are a part of Nathan’s actual personality, which only those close to him get to see. Le sigh. But I digress.

Let’s take a look at what’s to love about these TV men:

Captain Malcolm Reynolds, aka, “Cappy Tightpants,” of Firefly

  • The earnest energy of a handsome, virile man out to kick butt, succeed in the world, and take names (even yours … in the bedroom, ahem)
  • Stubborn but well-meaning
  • Smart but dumb when it comes to affairs of the heart
  • A frank and direct honesty with his words and his emotions (when they aren’t love-related) that invites an intimacy of feeling, the sense that he is really connecting with you when he speaks
  • A slightly child-like naiveté, a dash of sweet boyish purity, no matter the terrible things he’s seen or survived
  • Heroic and occasionally the anti-hero, he always does the right thing, even when he has urges to choose to be the bad or not-so-nice guy. You know when he gets angry, he’s going to use his powers for good, and not harm innocents.
  • As vulnerable and needy for love on the inside of his gruff exterior as a baby kitten
  • As loyal as a lion
  • Easily stupefied (and frustrated) by — but also quick to fall under the spell of (and respect)  — a smart and confident woman
  • He has a dark and angsty past that you want to investigate, so you can soothe his worries and put emotional salve on all those mysterious, sexy wounds.
  • That hair
  • Those eyes
  • Those lips
  • Those pants! And his butt. His butt looks great in those pants.

MiraNoireClipCastleRichard Castle, of Castle

Castle shares lots of Malcom’s traits — he’s also loyal, occasionally stubborn, and a little stupid when it comes to dealing with the women in his life. But he’s a little more evolved, particularly after 7 seasons, than Malcolm Reynolds in some ways, too …

  • While Castle isn’t out to “kick butt” — he is eager to learn and explore, and to help people while he does it.
  • An expert politician, Castle leads his relationships with intelligence and thoughtfulness, evading most conflict by offering a smile or solving a problem for someone to that saves them from difficulty (or distracts their attention from being mad at him :)
  • Charming and funny, Castle’s bright and positive energy just makes you laugh. He is childlike and playful, utterly unfettered by most societal rules of propriety and restraint — he wants to live life fully and have fun doing it, and he wants you to do that with him. He shakes up the straight-laced Beckett and even sometimes her boss, and buddies up to interesting people from all walks of life because he doesn’t take himself — or life — too seriously.
  • He’s a loving father and son — whatever mistakes he’s made in love, Castle is devoted to his mother and daughter, and the genuine love he feels for them is unabashedly open and freely expressed, often.
  • Castle is not afraid of being less of a man by showing his respect for, or even deferring to Beckett. If he disagrees with her, he usually has grown-up conversations with her (when the discussion is truly serious), and he’s always relaying how much he respects her bright mind and depth of character. He respects her experience in her profession, I think because she’s a woman. And yes, he’ll let her know when he wants to seduce her but above all, she’s his muse because she is a great woman he respects — and he doesn’t hide that from her, himself, or anyone else.
  • Reliable and safe. You just know that no matter what’s going on, Castle is there for you, has your back, and he’ll follow you to the ends of the earth. With him at your back, you believe everything will be okay.
  • He’s a red-blooded American male, and he’s not going to miss opportunities to remind you of it.
  • He’s never boring — whatever he’s up to, you know it’s going to be fun and sometimes off the wall. He’s travelled the world, knows powerful people, has adoring fans, and his creativity and love for adventure is contagious. You’re always wondering what he’s up to, and how it will turn out — you know it’ll usually be a great story when it’s all done.
  • That hair
  • Those eyes
  • Those lips
  • Those suits! And while he’s getting a bit chubbier as he gets older he doesn’t stop with the handsome and that man is going to be a silver fox until the bitter end.

If you haven’t had a chance to check these shows out — do! They’re so fun! And why not share what you think about Malcolm and Castle?

— Mira Noire

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TV Characters I Love: Malcolm Reynolds and Richard Castle — 6 Comments

  1. While the murder mysteries in Castle have become lame, I still watch the show because of the characters and their relationships. Not just Castle and Beckett, but the whole gang!
    As many Firefly marathons as we’ve had in my house, I never get tired of them! I love the whole crew! Thanks for joining us today, Mira!

  2. I was a big Firefly fan, and I’m not even that big into sci-fi. A big reason for that was Nathan Fillion. I wish the show and the characters would have had the chance to grow on TV.

  3. Welcome to the Cafe, Mira! I adore Nathan Fillion. I discovered him on Castle and love his character for many of the reasons you list here. I only discovered Firefly last year via Amazon Prime. Once I watched the first episode, I was hooked. And I was a little sad after I watched the final episode. I haven’t watched Serenity yet. Saving that for when I’m really bummed there aren’t more seasons of Firefly. :-)

  4. Thanks so much for having me, ladies! Yeah, Firefly was so fun! I agree, Sam, that Castle has gotten kinda lame but I do enjoy watching these great characters. :)

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