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This month at the Contemporary Romance Café, we’re talking about writers we admire.  There are so many, but here’s my cross-genre top five!


1)      Joey W. Hill, whose BDSM books are unparalleled.  I love the realness of her characters, both human and other.  Her books make me laugh, they make me cry, they make me think. Oh, and they’re HOT.

2)      Janet Evanovich, who still has me attached to Stephanie Plum, even though I can’t imagine how she’ll ever resolve the Ranger/Joe thing.  Having grown up there, I love reading all the inside NJ jokes.   I also love how she can get so much expression out of one single word: “Babe.”

3)      Jonathan Kellerman, who writes intriguing, compelling mystery plots and tells a damn fine story. I’ve been reading him for years, along with his wife, Faye Kellerman, whose stories are just as good.

4)      Judy Blume, who wrote one of my all-time favorite young teen books, Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret.  Kids today have so many more choices than I did in the YA world, but this one was, in my mind, groundbreaking for the time.

5)      Clive Cussler, who tells a great adventure story. I’ve never actually read one of his books, but because my husband is addicted to his work, I’ve heard (parts of) many of his books. I admire him for the way he weaves different threads of the story together.

Well, there’s my five (okay, six, if you’re going to be picky about it!) writers I admire.  And actually, there’s one more, and maybe it should be number one:

I admire romance writers as a whole for providing readers with great stories, intricate plots, a wide range of characters, and lots and lots of happily ever afters — in spite of the fact that romance books often get no respect.  I was a romance reader long before I was a romance writer and the romance community as a whole (both readers and writers) ROCKS.

What about you? Who are some writers YOU admire?


Top 5 Writers I Admire — 11 Comments

  1. I adore Judy Blume. I spent hours with her characters as a child and as teenager. I’ve been meaning to add her adult books to my reading list–so thank you for reminding me to do that.

    I admire Janet Evanovich for so many reasons. Her books are funny and she created great characters. Her tenacious determination in getting published is also an inspiration.

  2. I haven’t read Judy Blume’s YA stories (I’m much older than you Reese!)but I have read her adult book “Summer Sisters” and I definitely recommend that. Have you heard that “Tiger Eyes”, her 1981 YA book about a girl trying to come to terms with the murder of her father, is being made into a movie? It sounds really good. I heard a great interview with Judy Blume on CBC radio recently:

  3. Jodie – I take it from your choices that we’re not held to contemporary romance on this list!

    In which case, mine are (in no order)

    Jodi Piccoult
    Pat Conroy
    Ayn Rand
    Stephen King
    Barbara Samuel

    • Laura, nope, definitely not. I’ve always read romance, but I love mystery, adventure, and I used to read horror but I’m a fraidy-cat. :) If you’d asked my husband, Stephen King would’ve been on his list, too!

  4. I admire Jodie Griffin for writing BDSM erotic romance that doesn’t make me feel like I need to take a shower afterward. Her stories have plot, character arc, and theme – you know, like real literature.

  5. Jodie, I’m just blown away to make it on your list, particularly considering the other four on it! And I wholeheartedly agree with your “number one” there at the end, by romance authors. I’ve found as much impressive, quality writing in genre fiction as the “literary” world. A good writer is a good writer, and a story with compelling characters that leaves you with a better feeling toward the world is a win-win (beaming).

    One of my faves – Laura Kinsale. That woman is a goddess. If I ever meet her, I will stammer, drool and basically make an idiot of myself. Have the phone cameras ready for the choice YouTube footage. For My Lady’s Heart is a work of art, as is Flowers in the Storm, and most of her backlist. Amazing author.

    Thank you again!

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