Tip Top Shape

Our current project, Top This, is the novella that keeps on giving. Or taking. Time, that is.

We started work on it in January and – don’t get us wrong – finished it in February or so. Our editor had some suggestions, though, and so we went back to work on it.

Then there was illness (Anah’s), a job change (Dianne’s – just for the summer!) and not one, not two, but three family vacations (two for Dianne and one for Anah).

We love it more than ever, though. The changes we’ve been making have made the story so much stronger, but – even better – they’ve brought out more of who the characters are.

Navin and Marquis are polar opposites. Navin is the middle son stuck in the middle of a family business. Fortunately, it’s a business he loves. Unfortunately, his career is going nowhere fast. Marquis is an up and comer at an architectural firm with a brand new promotion and some high profile projects. Failure is not an option – which means he spends a lot of time at work, time he’s not spending with his boyfriend.

By now, Navin is used to being neglected. Marquis hates doing it, though, and every time he’s faced with his failures as a boyfriend – like showing up too late for a family party he’d promised to attend or forgetting a dinner date – he tries all the harder to make it up to Navin.

But this time, together, somehow, they hit on a way to make Marquis remember his commitments to Navin.

Not everything goes according to plan, though, and that’s where things get interesting…

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Tip Top Shape — 8 Comments

  1. Some writing projects just take longer to fall into place, no matter the reason. But when it finally comes together after a tough struggle, it’s that much sweeter. Best of luck, ladies!

    • That’s so true. We’ve had some stories come together very quickly, and while this one hasn’t been too rough story-wise, the timing has been problematic. Hopefully we’re in the home stretch now!

  2. Doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you get there! Here’s hoping you have smooth sailing from here on out.

  3. Revisions can be tough and sometimes it seems like you’ll never be done. But I love looking back at a story and seeing how the changes have deepened the development of the characters and strengthened the story.

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