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Juggling…for fun and profit

I 100098_jugglerloved the circus when I was growing up. Three rings, each with something fun or daring happening—such a dream for a child with a far too active brain! While I loved the lion tamers and the trapeze artists, my favorite was always the juggler. Never in my wildest imagination would I have dreamed that I’d become a juggler!

Now, you’re probably sitting there thinking, “This month’s theme is current projects. Why in the hell is she writing about juggling?” Bear with me (circus pun there!) on this. I’ll tie the two together nicely.

If you open my laptop at any given moment, you’re likely to find at least three Word files open. Why? Because I have an inability to work on one project at a time. Hence, the juggling.497001603.jpeg

Right now, you’d find my first round edits for Fringe Benefits, the Ladies Who Lunch Book 4, which will be out in April. You’ll also find the as of yet unnamed Safe Havens Book 4. And the final tab (although I’m not guaranteeing I’m only going to have three “balls” in the air at any given time… there have been instances when I’ve had more) is a new manuscript that begins a new contemporary romance series.

See? I can juggle with the best of them!

I know some writers have trouble even trying to work on more than one project. Please don’t think I’m telling you that being a juggler is the only way to write. To me, writing is an individual process. No two people do it alike. For me, the benefit of working on two-plus stories is that if I run into a block—something that I need to stop and stew over for a while—I can hop to a different story and immerse myself in those characters’ journeys. What I often find is that by switching gears, an answer to whatever has stumpedclowns me will appear.

I think it helps that I am a pure “pantser”—writing by the seat of my pants. I don’t plot or plan beyond having a nice mental picture of where I’m starting and where I want to end up. To be a juggler, you almost have to be a pantster. Too many plans and a writer would be distracted and confused popping from story to story.

So how about all you writers out there? Do you tackle projects one at a time? Or are you a juggler?


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  1. I’m definitely a juggler. It is nice to have another project to work on when you’re stuck with another. My problem has been that it turns into another way for me to procrastinate, so often none of the projects would get finished. Now that I’m working on a series, I’m going to restrict any juggling to the series.

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