The Process of Publication

This month’s theme is “the road to publication” — but for us, it hasn’t been so much a path to a destination as it’s been a continuously changing cycle. Once we got a story published for the first time, we were set, right? …Yeah, no. Every subsequent story has had its own path, it’s own process to reach that destination. 

One of our most successful novels got an R&R on its first submission, and then the editor moved — to a publisher that collapsed before we had a chance to resubmit — so we resubmitted to the first publisher and got accepted by a different editor. (The original editor has since moved on to be very successful at a third publisher.)

Another of our novels started life as a series of short stories.

And then there’s A Better Cage

This novella started life as Top This, which you may have seen us mention here before. We submitted it to one of our brilliant editors and received an R&R with some very helpful feedback…but it took us a year and a half to revise it. The revisions changed the story enough that we renamed it to better suit the theme and tone, and we were finally ready to submit it again.

Finally, almost two years since we wrote the first draft, A Better Cage has been accepted at Riptide Publishing, and will be released in February.

And, because publishing is a process, not a destination, we’re busy writing the next story…and the outline for the story after that.

Until next time,
–Anah & Dianne

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The Process of Publication — 4 Comments

  1. I agree with you – every book has its own road to publication, its own process. Some are smoother than others. All we can do is to keep walking down that publishing road and try to make each book a little better than the one that came before.

    • Yes, absolutely. Anah and I have talked about this a lot, how every book has its own path and how easy it is to fall into the thinking that writing the book is the starting point of “the road to publication” and acceptance, or possibly the release date, is the endpoint on that road. But the reality is that while you’re at one point on the road for Book A, you’re likely at another point for Book B — and if you’re not, if *we’re* not, then our next book is going to be years out.

  2. The industry is so fluid. It’s not surprising to hear of stories going through a series of issues like yours did. But we have to stay focused and determined. Thank you for reminding us of that.

    • I’d like to say that we’ve gotten used to the ups and downs of publication, but it’s not true. Every time, it feels like we’re caught off guard. We always learn something new and important when we hit a snag in the path, though, and the book always comes out better for it.

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