The Make-Up Game

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I have a secret Pinterest board called SEKRITS. (I know, I know. Stunning, right? 😀 ) This is the board where I dump everything that’s inspired my imagination. From steampunk airships to architectural history to tattoo designs–it’s allllllllllll there.

Why do I keep it secret? I get a little embarrassed by how my brain can take something as boring as, say, a Wikipedia article on cornerstones and make it into a huge production. When I originally stumbled on cornerstones a couple years ago while researching something else, my train of thought was basically this:

“Oh, cornerstone, hmm… wait. Time capsules were traditionally hidden behind them? Hmmmm… There could be secrets hidden in a time capsule… What kind of secrets would a person want to bury in a time capsule? Hmmmm… HUGE SECRETS THAT COULD CHANGE THE WORLD AS YOU KNOW IT.”

At that point, it became a runaway train of thought, and it sped right into the creation of ONE HOT SECOND. 😛

I blame my mother for my weirdness. I’m the youngest of four, and my mom—an incredibly creative person in her own right—did everything possible to keep us all entertained (and probably out of her hair). On outings, we played a game where she would point out people or objects and have us kids come up with a story about it. (BTW, this was called the Make-Up Game, and yes, I get my talent for naming things from her. Heh.)

I didn’t know it then, but my mom was training my brain to think outside of myself. Every time it was my turn to come up with something, she was challenging me to imagine entire worlds that existed beyond my humdrum reality. There were times when I didn’t want to do it—being the youngest sort of sucked during games like this, because everyone seemed so much better than I was—but she always made me try.

I’m glad she did. Because after a while, I got pretty good at the game.

Now I do it all the time. I was in Barnes and Noble’s cafe the other day when I saw a woman pick up the wrong drink from the service bar. Happens all the time, right? No biggie. But in my head, this was the start of a seemingly innocent crossing of paths between two people who, on the surface, seemed attracted to each other. But lo and behold, the woman had targeted the man whose drink she had taken, because he’d been the last to see her mysteriously missing sister, and now the woman was convinced the dude was up to no good…

So, yeah. That’s one of my next projects. 😀

For me, inspiration is EVERYWHERE. The three-ring-circus going on between my ears (y’know, that thing I optimistically call my brain) can usually make a big hairy deal out of anything. And though there were times I hated the game my mom made me play when I was a kid, I’m happy to let her know that every single day, I’m still playing along.

Now it’s your turn. Here’s a picture from my SEKRITS board. Can you make a story out of it?

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The Make-Up Game — 8 Comments

  1. Me thinks the sign protests too much. Why would you need a sign saying the house was not haunted unless IT REALLY IS HAUNTED! Or perhaps in a town full of ghosts, it’s the only house on the block without a resident ghost. More pity that! Thanks for a fun post today, Stacy.

    • Isn’t that sign freakin’ AWESOME??? 😀

      I’ve tried to figure out why the heck the realtor felt compelled to add “NOT HAUNTED” to the For Sale sign. Maybe a grisly murder took place there? Maybe it was used in a ghost-themed horror movie, and now ppl think the ghosts are for real? Maybe it IS haunted, and like Jana says, they doth protest too much? Oh, the possibilities… :)

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