The Juggling Act!

Like a few of the other writers on this blog, when I saw this month’s topic – write about your work in progress – I thought EASY!!! But is there ever really an easy answer to any question?

The short answer to what am I working on now is:



*The first draft of OUTBACK GHOST

I think the above is pretty normal for anyone who writes for a living. It’s a juggling act and often we dive straight from one manuscript into another and then back into the first one again. It’s rare that I am just writing!

Being a writer is like having a business – a fabulous, creative one albeit – and although I’m NOT the most organised person in the world, I do make sure I meet my deadlines and keep my publishers happy. The hardest thing I find about working on more than one manuscript at a time is getting my head space quickly into a certain book.

THE KISSING SEASON is a contemporary holiday novella that I originally subbed for the Carina Press Holiday Anthology submissions, so it was written in a North American setting. Sadly, it didn’t make the cut for the anthology (although I was offered revisions), but has recently garnered interest from an Aussie publisher. They loved the book but wanted me to change it to an Australian setting. Easy, I thought. Global find and replace the US sounding character and town names, change the season and the weather, and also a few food/cultural references.

Nope! NOTHING is EVER easy. My first hurtle was the fact my hero and heroine have this whole sweet scene where they’re teasing each other about scarves. Fine in NA where the weather would be cool at that time of the year but not in Western Australia where temps could be sweltering. ARGH! That is what I’m working on today and hoping to get it done as quickly as possible so I can get back into my new OUTBACK series.


The first of these books comings out down under in October and it’s a friends to lovers story. Hopefully one day it’ll also be available in the US! It’s done and landing at the printers any day, but I’m switching between editing the second (OUTBACK BLAZE) and writing the third (OUTBACK GHOST). While in some ways switching between two books in a series is easier than two unrelated books, I also find it quite confusing.

My favourite part of this business is the actual writing. I thought this was the norm but I HAVE run into these really ODD people who prefer edits/revisions – EEK!!! So right now I’m itching to get back to my first ever ghost story!

Apologies for rambling a bit, but I guess what I was trying to say is that writing for a living is always going to be a juggling act! And we need to learn to jump between writing, edits and line edits as best we can.

If anyone has any tips to share on how they mentally switch between projects, PLEASE share!!!


The Juggling Act! — 6 Comments

  1. Congrats on your series!

    I’m a person who is often working on several projects at once. In fact, right now I’m reading three different books at once. But it is more difficult when I am writing one book, revising another, and an idea for another is whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

  2. I spent the last six-eight months drafting/editing/rewriting/copy editing three different novels, so I know where you’re coming from. Then suddenly all the edits were done, and I now find myself in the unusual position of only having one WIP in progress. Weird. I might have to begin a couple of new stories just to feel normal.

    As far as mentally switching between projects, I’ve found the only thing that works for me is to throw myself into one project, finish it (or at least finish part of it), and move to the next. It seems to be the only thing that works for me. And when deadlines mean that isn’t possible, I’m screwed!

    Good luck with your ghost story!

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