The Importance of CPs

Paper DollsI got myself into a real pickle with the WIP last week. I knew –ish what was supposed to happen in the scene I was working on. The heroine was introducing the hero to her friends. …but that’s all I had as far as plotting went. Where did the scene happen? Was there some sort of activity involved—like playing pool or watching a movie? What were the friends’ reactions? What did the hero think about the friends?

I had no idea.

Now in my early days of writing I would’ve sat and lamented my lack of focus (while I surfed the interwebz) then junked the WIP in favor of a new, shiny story that was easier to write because I lurve beginnings—it’s the middle that sucks 😉 PS this is also the reason I have many unfinished WIPs in my files.

Instead I wrote the roughest and most incomplete scene I’ve written in a while and sent it to one of my crit partners. Now I have feedback and a more complete idea of where the scene is going. I really love my crit partners!

Currently I have three critique partners. Two are online that I’ve met through an awesome site called Romance Divas. Both are in a similar place in their writing career as me. They’ve helped me shape my stories both in crits and plotting, held my hand through rejections and cheered my accomplishments. I hope I’ve given them as much help and support as they’ve given me.

My third crit partner is my first in-person writerly friend. We had an interesting meet-cute story. Last year I joined a local writers group but it wasn’t what I expected. The organizer was more interested in getting the group officially recognized by the state as a nonprofit for some reason and had a minimum age requirement of thirteen. Which as an erotic romance writer meant I really couldn’t participate.

So I might’ve peeled off from the group and started my own!

And from that little group I met an awesome aspiring writer and high school English teacher who saved my bacon last week.

Do you have critique partners? How’d you meet yours?


The Importance of CPs — 4 Comments

  1. I know there are authors who don’t use CPs but I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine. They help me brainstorm and point out all the places I can improve my writing. I hate to think what my writing would be like without them.

  2. Crit partners of great. I was part of a group that was really helpful to me at the time. However, we all wrote in different genres and everyone is at very different points in their careers. So now I’m at a point where I’m looking for a new critique group. I really do love the feedback you get from awesome critique partners. Also, critiquing the work of others helps you to recognize issues with your own work.

  3. I love brainstorming with writing friends, and I like feedback on the things I’m writing. My critique partners have been invaluable to me at times. However, I’m finding that lately we don’t meet as often as I need, or people are just too busy to critique. So I might be looking at a new CP in the future as well. Romance Divas you say?

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