The Girl Who Everyone Loves…

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…except me.

If there’s one heroine archetype I cannot stand, it’s the Girl Who Everyone Loves. I have DNFed (Did Not Finish) quite a few books with this type of heroine. If she’s just a pretty face and her conflict is that all teh boys are crazy for her and oh no she has to choose only one, it’s not the book for me.

Because if the biggest “problem” in a character’s life is that everyone loves her, I don’t really consider that a problem. And what’s interesting about a character with no problems? What is there to push the story forward? Without that needed, inherent conflict, it’s hard to keep me engaged as a reader.

Besides, do women like that really exist? I thought that perfect façade disappeared after we graduated high school when we found out that the popular cheerleader was an actual person after all who has problems at home maybe or wasn’t able to get into the college of her choice because her grades weren’t high enough, maybe due to her learning disability.

Isn’t that one of the great thing about reading a good romance? Deep down even the pretty girl has problems. And for me as a writer I love to ask those maybe, what if, questions. It’s an occupational hazard :)

Is there a heroine archetype or characteristic that you can’t stand as a reader? Hit me up in the comments!


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  1. Great post, Gillian! I think the one I don’t like is the one who does everything well. Top of her class, CEO, wears gorgeous clothing in a size two. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m folding my laundry here, and I have to clean bathrooms–I don’t need to feel bad! :-)

  2. I agree with Liz. I like a girl who struggles with her weight, can’t cook to save her life, or is a bad driver. She can have other great qualities that make me like her, but please, make her human like the rest of us!

    • Hmm, I wonder if some of them are old skool repubbed ebooks. Would explain much. Although one of the authors is kinda well known in my corner of the universe so I guess not all of them are old skool stories 😉

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