The End of a Series

First things first, my very sexy long novella, Tempting Fate, is now released! There’s years of longing, romantic masturbation, and plenty of lusting after the hero in a suit. YES! If you want to skip ahead to the sexy stuff, you can find Tempting Fate on Amazon or B&N.

So. What am I working on now? When my debut novel came out last summer, I knew it was going to be the start of a series, which is now called the Lost Girls. The major players were introduced in the first book, Giving It Up. The best-friend of the heroine in book one became the heroine of book two, Selling Out. Everything was good.

AL_TemptingFate_coverinThen it came to write the third and final book in the series. The hero would be Philip, a sort of anti-hero figure who’d been a prominent player throughout. And…. I was stuck. The pressure! And also, the act of saying goodbye to the characters and world which launched my writing career. Frankly, I wasn’t ready to let them go. So, I came up with a new idea. A novella in the same series, instead of the single title lengths the books were.

Rose was Philip’s sister, and she’d always had a thing for Drew, Philip’s lawyer. So I wrote the story of how they hooked up, a very sexy long novella, and it came out lighter than the primary books. I think it was a nice break for me and the readers of the series. Not only that, because Philip got to play a role.

The villain, almost. This is a role Philip is very comfortable with :)

In Tempting Fate, Philip is opposed to their relationship and will use his considerable means to keep them apart. This being a romance, he also fails.

I considered the progression of the series so far. His brother gets paired off in the first book. His lover gets paired off in the second book. And his sister AND his lawyer get paired off in the novella. That’s basically everyone he has in the world, and they keep LEAVING HIM. Really, it’s enough to give pause to even a cocky bastard like him.

One rule I write by is to introduce a character by their fear. Even though his book, and all the books in the series, will be solely from the POV of the heroine, the rule still applies.

So the progression of books opened up an avenue for me to write his story. At the beginning of the series he was basically invincible. But each book has chipped away at him, methodically taking that which he’s kept clutched to him. So now he’s ready for his book to begin. Now I’m ready to write it. And that’s what I’m working on.

The other handy thing is that Tempting Fate also works as another entry point into the series. So if someone doesn’t necessarily want to start at the beginning, they can start here and get caught up! To further tempt you, here are what people are saying…

“Tempting Fate is a sweet romance that is filled with poignant moments of heartbreak and some really good sexy times.” — Fiction Vixen

“The highlight of my week was the novella by Amber Lin called, Tempting Fate.” – SmexyBooks

“This story was lovely and so engaging, I could read it over and over.” – Ms Romantic Reads

Cool, right? You can read Tempting Fate right now from Amazon or B&N. Hope you like it!!


The End of a Series — 5 Comments

  1. Love how you gave us a taste of the characters and each story in the series. Awesome feedback on the reviews. Congrats! Giving It Up and Selling Out where already on my TBR list. Adding Tempting Fate.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous cover. The heroine is amazing! And like Reese, said, I like the way you told us the story of each book. I love that the anti-hero Phillip is getting his own story. I imagine it would take some special woman to handle him! Definitely a series for the TBR list.

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