The best days in a writer’s life

New booksIt didn’t take much imagination to come up with the “best days” idea because I just had one of them. The UPS guy came up the driveway and since I (for once) hadn’t ordered anything, I knew he was bringing a box of books. Author copies. One of the best days and one of my favorite parts of traditional publishing, because they’re part of the contract and it’s not going to show up on my VISA bill (unlike the box I order later). I opened the box with the UPS driver’s knife and signed a book for his wife, then carried them to where my husband was working in the garage. “Whatcha think?” And we’ve been married a long time–he thought they looked great, especially my name across there. And that “USA Today bestselling author” right under it. I admit, those two things–the name and the status–plus several dollars, will get you a cup of coffee in a cardboard cup, but they’re also things that make for best days.

Others are the days you get Calls. When your editor says “no, you’re not fired and yes, we love your prosposal” or your complete or even the idea you wrote on a napkin. (No, that hasn’t happened to me, but I’m nothing if not hopeful.)

There’s the day you type “The End”–or just know you’re there if you don’t type it. I’m one who does. That’s a bittersweet time, because I’m never completely ready to leave those people who’ve been occupying my head for so long, but still a best.

When you have a new story, it’s such a gift. No matter how it comes, it’s the best day, because you can hardly write fast enough to get the bare bones down before you forget anything. I admit all new stories don’t become complete books, but they’re fun even when they don’t work out.

Seeing hard copies in bookstores bring good days, even when it’s a secondhand book store, and bookstoreother best days are when your new books shows up on all the online bookstores, even if it’s only for pre-order.

What about you? Any best days in your writing lives you’d like to share?



The best days in a writer’s life — 9 Comments

  1. Hi, Liz! It’s hard to beat the day the books arrive as a best day, but running a close second is the day you force yourself to sit in front of the computer because you’re tired or uninspired or something is wrong in your personal life and you’re sure there’s just nothing there in the forefront of your brain – then one word attracts another one, then another one and suddenly you’ve caught fire. That’s a best day because it proves you’re not a pretender after all. Congratulations on the book!

  2. I love the days when the story is flowing and I can crank out several good writing hours:) I also love the days when I meet readers who tell me they’ve enjoyed the previous books and want more!

  3. Liz, what an inspiring post. Most of us aren’t doing this for the money or the glory, so we need to find those small perfect moments that make it all worth while.

    Muriel, thank you for your comment. As I’m sitting here in front of my computer trying to put one word in front of another, and not succeeding very well, I’ll remember to just keep going till my words catch fire.

  4. My favorite days are when the writing seems to just flood out of me. And there’s nothing like a good writing day.

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