The Allure of the Bad Boy

Dark portrait of scary man with evil eyesI have to admit, I love to read stories with anti-heroes. Romances starring the kinda guys who wouldn’t normally be featured in love stories let alone have them as the male leads. 
These are men who are street smart and charismatic yet can be volatile. Guys who aren’t afraid to defend what’s theirs—brutality if need be. But of course like all heroes they have that inner tender side. It just might take more time and effort to drill down to their inner softy core. But when you get there it was worth the journey.

I’ve never been one to advocate wanting to change a man. I always thought that if you really loved someone you have to accept them warts and all. So for me at least it’s not about reforming per se. (Although I do think if that person loves you as well, they should want to change—conceding a bit somewhere.) But that’s also the fun journey of these stories, how can the hero become worthy of the heroine without compromising himself too much?


Can you tell my current WIP stars a certain archetype? I’ve never tried to write one of these guys before. I’m both excited and scared as hell. And more than a bit in love with my hero myself. Sshhh, no one tell my husband, kay?

Have you read any good books with an anti-hero? I’d love to hear some recs! Hit me up in the comments. Meanwhile I should get back to my bad boy—he does hate to be kept waiting 😉


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