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Tara PammiThank you so much to everyone at Contemporary Romance Cafe for having me here today. Liz told me the topic was bad writing advice you’ve been given.
I’m a published author now but the one thing I always know is that I’m nowhere near even tapping the surface of the writing craft or the ins and outs of publishing. The doubts and insecurities that used to plague me when I was unpublished are all still there.
But fortunately for me, I don’t think I’ve ever received bad writing advice. In fact, anytime I reached out via blog or tweet about either a craft problem or publishing related question, I always received genuine, objective advice. I know I’m very lucky because I have heard horror stories from CPs who entered contests looking for feedback and no one could construe the comments as constructive criticism.
So today I thought I would instead share the best writing craft advice I had ever received and it’s quite timely because it was in response to a question I had posted on a group blog when I was writing the very heroine of my July 1st Release- A Deal with Demakis
I had been having the hardest time pinning down Lexie’s character because she put up with a lot of crap from her two friends but when facing the hero, she becomes gutsy. And I thought if I was writing an inconsistent character..
Why would this woman who went up all in the face of the hero when he challenged her let her friends take such advantage of her and not even call them on it?
And one of the comments which was from the lovely Carla Swafford was that “On the outside, I’m one person at work, while another at home. True that basically I’m the same and I react somewhat the same in the inside, but what I let others see can be different. Does that make sense?”
A thousand light bulbs went off in my head. And I realized how my character’s different reactions and behavioral patterns with different people added layers to her character on the contrary, instead of making her inconsistent.
Of course, in the end, aided by the know-it-all hero, Lexi changes and grows and learns to stand up for herself, even around the people she loves.
What was the best advice you had ever received, whether in life, or career or writing or any other aspect? 

Tara Pammi can’t remember a moment when she wasn’t lost in a book, especially a romance which, as a teenager, was much more exciting than mathematics textbook.Years later Tara’s wild imagination and love for the written word revealed what she really wanted to do: write! Now Tara writes sexy, passionate contemporary romance featuring arrogant Alpha heroes who think they know everything and the strong women who knock that theory and them off their feet. 

Her Debut Romance ‘A Hint of Scandal’ was nominated for 2013 RT Reviewers’ Choice First Best Series Award. 

She lives in Texas with the most co-operative man on the planet and two daughters. Tara loves to hear from readers and can be reached attara.pammi@gmail.com or through her website www.tarapammi.com.

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Blurb for July 1st Release: A Deal with Demakis

When the devil commands… 

Nikos Demakis’s plan is set. With his eye firmly on the CEO position of his adwd5grandfather’s business he will finally lay his past to rest. And Lexi Nelson holds the key. She might resist, she’ll definitely try to negotiate, but Nikos always gets what he wants.

Lexi has never met anyone like Nikos. The power that he exudes is almost overwhelming. Almost. She’s determined to prove that she’s more than a match for him. But as the playing field changes from power to passion, it soon becomes a battle of wills that she’s not sure she wants to win!


Lexi closed her eyes and fought for some much-needed oxygen. Her skin felt like it was on fire, her limbs molten with longing. “Ever since I realized what a pathetic idiot I have been all these years, I have also realized that I’m not completely without appeal.”

Nikos grinned and she pressed on, growing bolder. When he smiled like that, she wanted to roll over in the warmth of it. She wanted to press her mouth to his and revel in it. “I might not be packing in the boob and leg department and probably hold little attraction to a man with refined tastes like you, but there are other fish in the sea. Cute, dimpled, down-to-earth fish like Piers, for example, who find me attractive and wouldn’t dream of calling me any names in a million—”

His muscled thigh lodged between her legs and Lexi whimpered. For a man so big, he was so incredibly well-coordinated. Just the thought of all that finesse and power focused on her had her tingling in all kinds of places. “Who the hell is Piers?”

“Piers is the bartender who’s been serving me cocktails.”

“And he likes you?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

His teeth clamped tight, he nodded. And she had the strangest notion that he hadn’t liked what she had said. Intensely. “So help me understand, thee mou. Just any man with a working…” his gaze glimmered with a dark amusement, “any man will do for this new risk-taking life of yours?”

She pushed at him, fighting the heat spreading up her neck. She was not going to back down from this. So she just evaded. “You’re being purposely crude.”

“Sex is all you want from me?”

“I…yes, of course.” She was getting good at lying. But then it was easy, because she didn’t know what else she wanted from him. And she didn’t want to know, either. She had never feared her feelings before or what they drove her to. But with everything she had learned about Tyler, with everything Nikos made her face, she preferred to not have any feelings right now. “You said it yourself. Sex should not be complicated.” And she wanted it with the most complicated man she had ever met, whatever he thought of himself.

Nikos ran his thumb over her lower lip, his gaze drinking her in. Stepping back from her, he shrugged off his leather jacket. The V-necked gray shirt stretched tight across his muscled chest hugged his lean waist. “There should be a sign somewhere here. Find it.”

Frowning, Lexi stared at the door. Shaking her head, she looked around the lounge. Tension pinged across her skin as she found it.

Do Not Disturb.

Her heart jumped to her throat. She held up the matte sign just as Nikos walked back in.

Meeting her gaze, he smiled. “Hang it on the doorknob and close the door.”

The cardboard sign slipped from her fingers. Her skin tingled as his gaze stayed on her, challenging. Molten heat flared through her as she realized his intentions. Her knees shook, her entire body felt like a pool of liquid longing and anticipation.

She looked around the room to the huge glass to her right that gave a perfect view of the dance floor and the crowd below. She was not a virgin. Granted, the two times she had slept with Tyler had been almost painfully awkward. But with the tremble in her knees, the soft but persistent tug in her lower belly, she might as well have been one.

“Here? Now?”

Nikos came to a halt with an arm’s length between them, his gaze devouring her. He handed her the champagne glass. “Yes, here. Now. Is there a problem?”

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Welcome Guest Tara Pammi — 6 Comments

  1. I loved the excerpt too, Tara! Can’t wait to read more. I think the best piece of technical writing advice I’ve ever been given is to get your character’s Goal, Motivation and Conflict rock solid before you type a word. Well sometimes I write my way into the first chapter or two for inspiration, but then I have to know those (GMC) inside out for the book to work. Thanks for this! Your ideas on character layers are cool and ring absolutely true when you think of how some people act with some people and completely different with others.

  2. Welcome to the Cafe, Tara. I enjoyed your example about good advice you received from Carla. That’s the beauty of fictional characters. Like living, breathing people, they don’t all react the same way in similar situations. While one person has a pretty even temperament all of the time, other adapt to a particular situation and behave accordingly. I like that you recognized that in your character.

  3. Hi Lori,

    Thank you so much for dropping by. I’m so glad you liked it. Email me your mailing address at tara dot pammi @ gmail dot com and I’ll send you a copy.

    Hope you like the rest of the story…:)

  4. Hey Jen,

    Thank you so much for dropping by!! I’m exactly like you with GMC…for the first 3 chapters, I’m still tweaking them for both characters, but after that I have to nail it down…

    I love those character layers too…makes them so much more 3D…

  5. Hey Reese,

    Thank you so much for having me at the cafe. You’re so right about that…not every one has that even temperament and it’s such a revelation even why they do or don’t, isn’t it? :)

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