October Recommendations by Holly Gunner of @Totally_Bound

Hello, and thank you to Contemporary Romance Café for hosting me today! My name is Holly and I work for Totally Bound Publishing, we are the home of erotic romance and we publish at least one contemporary romance a week! Come and browse our book boutique of five-star fiction at Totally Bound to provide you with books to fill that special bit of me-time. In the selection of books I have chosen for your October recommended reads, there is a number of simmering stories to choose from, each with a passionate and relatable main character.  Although these titles vary in plot and style, all of them embrace a tender romance story while featuring tantalisingly sexy scenes. theingredientsofbliss_800

Firstly: The Ingredients of Bliss by Lisabet Sarai: This is the newest novel in Totally Bound’s What’s her Secret? imprint. This imprint is a contemporary collection of novels featuring ladies and their deepest secrets. The Ingredients of Bliss does not disappoint, as you follow Emily Wong in her sexual and undercover escapades to discover what secrets she’s been hiding.  Lisabet Sarai creates a world which confronts cultural differences, sexual preferences and just about every aspect of life in one form or another. This makes for a remarkably refreshing read and one that I recommend you read this October. Hot, enticing and truly entertaining from the very first page—this book throws us straight in at the deep end and I am sure you will be hooked from the first page. Emily Wong is a television chef, and is involved in a delightful little love triangle with her TV producer and Dom—Harry, and her legendary chef boss and sub—Etienne. When the network sends the trio to France to shoot a series of cooking shows on location, Emily knows her career is on the upswing. Her plans fall apart in Marseille as a Hong Kong drug syndicate kidnaps both Etienne and Harry. The rising tension and suspense will reel you in and hold you captive right until the explosive finale. Never mind the racy bedroom (or not in the bedroom) antics.

Next up is Sierra Cartwright’s Cravecrave_800 If you haven’t discovered International bestselling author Sierra Cartwright yet, then what are you waiting for? Crave is the first novel in the new Bonds series and it does not disappoint.  Night Owl Romance said they “found this book a fascinating read. I was hooked right from the start and I had a hard time putting this book down.” After discovering a collar in her boyfriend’s drawer, Sarah is frightened by the possibilities that a BDSM relationship holds. She turns her back on the relationship and runs away, but returns two years later—begging for the chance to become his submissive. With her attention focussed on seducing him, this sultry plot successfully incorporates romance and real emotions into the pages. A toe-curling read! The deep, emotional connection in this story sets it apart from other BDSM novels. Long and Short Reviews commented “Crave was a wonderful read that will get romantics swooning and BDSM readers hot… Every action, every word, every little thing had an inkling of love that wasn’t overt but was present. There was an undercurrent of emotion between them that denoted not two persons that had just met but two persons that knew each other well from before.” Get your copy today and begin your journey into Sierra’s Bonds series.  Book Two, Claim is available for pre-order from the 17th of October with Totally Bound.

richtapestry_800Rich Tapestry by Ashe Barker: This book is the first title in the Richness of Swallows serial. A Richness of Swallows charts the turbulent relationship of Summer and Dan, from their explosive first encounter in Cumbria to the wild moors of West Yorkshire. This serial revisits characters and locations from some of Ashe’s previous serials and it makes for an interesting read just to unravel all of the relationships between the characters. The story begins with roadkill. Not the most romantic of starts! But it does lead to a chance meeting with a local veterinarian , and leads to Summer Jones exploring her submissive side.  Pick up this naughty little book to learn if Summer can overcome her OCD through her submission to Dan. Book two, Rich Pickings and book three, Rich Promise are also out this month, giving you the opportunity to see how the relationship between this fledgling couple develops.

The Brick Yard by Carol Lynne:   This is the debut novel in Totally Bound’s thebrickyard_800What’s his Passion? imprint and is being heralded as ‘Carol Lynne at her best’. This imprint only features gay relationships, and each main character has a passion which sets them apart—if this sounds like something you would enjoy reading then check by Totally Bound to see what else this imprint has to offer! The Brick Yard tells a story of two talented men helping one another to conquer their fears. This tender story of battling for love against the odds will leave you wanting more. In this novel, Lucky Gunn faces his biggest fight yet, and this time it is outside of the ring. The book delves into the world of MMA and addresses the issues of homophobia and the implications of being gay in a male dominated sport. Lucky battles his inner demons and tries to fight his forbidden urges when gorgeous ex-fighter Dray returns to the Brick Yard. However, Dray proves impossible to resist and we get to witness their fall into love. Passion comes from all directions in this beautiful story, available for early download now—and for general release on the 3rd of October.