Oh My Men…

Yes, I fully claim my men as mine. All mine. Bwahahaha. Everyone else can just go away, because the men I create are made specifically for me. Right? Wait, did I hear a “No” out there. You mean I don’t get to keep my men for myself? Even if they came from my head? Well dang. I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun if I didn’t share them with everyone.

e9962feb59c4a60a70cfe995dcd3b436Did I mention how much I love writing men? Let me clear that up by saying “I love writing men!” They can be hard, insensitive, blunt, cold, funny, kind, caring, generous, direct, commanding…you get the picture. And none of those characteristics are bad if they’re woven into the overall picture of the man. For me, the fun is in weaving the right elements in to make each man unique and interesting.

hot guy1

I honestly love all the men I’ve created or I wouldn’t have written them. Every one has baggage, flaws, annoying habits and are very far from perfect. That’s real life. They’re also physically fit with great bodies, abs, pecs, glutes…sigh. Yeah, that’s not so realistic, but hey, I make them how I like to envision them. *grins*

My men are also sensitive with the right partner. I absolutely melt when their tenderness comes out. Those little hints of softness that only a trusted few—or one—gets to see. When they’re willing to show their vulnerabilities is when I fall in love with them.
hot guy2

Now if only I could create the real perfect man…but I’d probably get something wrong and end up annoyed as hell at him (or myself). I guess it’s better that I stick to creating fictional men. At least that way, I can hit delete if one of them decides to run amuck and turn into a jerk.



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