I’ve Got Mad Book Love For My Friends

I try to be professional….most of the time…and not name drop. Everyone has different reading tastes (thank goodness!). But our theme of crushes this month allows me to brag about my friends. Because (in the spirit of Valentine’s Day tomorrow) I’m madly in love with some of my best friends…and their writing. There is nothing like the thrill of reading a friend’s manuscript before it even goes to an editor and realizing it is going to be an enormous hit. Do I love everything my vast circle of writer friends publish? Nope. And that’s okay. Like I said, different folks, different strokes (can you tell I’m off to see the 50SoG movie tonight?). So here – meet my good friends – the crazy talented writers that they are.
If you like histB2VKIYACIAEndvCorical romance, you should read Stephanie Dray (a fantastic trilogy about Cleopatra’s Daughter) and E. Knight (stories of betrayal and favor in the Tudor court) and Kate Quinn (intrigue and action in the Borgia court)- and here’s the great thing: they all have novellas in this fabulous continuity about the last day of Pompeii. So you can sample their voices – or just dive straight into the time period that tickles your fancy!

HardToComeBy-cvr-186x300But I know that some people prefer something a tad more moderHis+Billion+Dollar+Babyn. (Ahem – you know I write contemporary romance – just saying, since it is release week for All For You, book 2 of my Shore Secrets trilogy…) Anyway, if my romantic comedy doesn’t do it for you, there are other choices! Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series, for example (romantic suspense with tattooed heroes and non-stop action), or for something shorter and a little sweeter, Lea Nolan (a billionaire, a dead brother’s baby, and lots of sweet romance).

18079523 If you don’t want the old world or the current one, turn to M.D. Waters for twisty, dystopian, futuristic hotness with her series. I truly can’t give away any more without dropping a spoiler – but that should be a big hint that you need to pick it up!

So yes, I have enormous crushes on my smart, savvy, brilliant, supportive friends. And I’m soooo lucky that they happen to be freaking terrific writers, too!