Let’s Talk TV Moms


  This month, we’re talking about loved or hated television and movie characters, and since today is Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do my post about moms – and those who fill the role of mom. Moms were a staple … Continue reading

Squeeing Like a Fangirl


In 2009, I attended the Literacy Signing for the RWA Conference in DC. Not the whole conference, just the book signing.  I was writing then, but not published. And OHMIGOD. This room was full…FULL…of amazing writers I’d known and loved … Continue reading

Starting Over Again

Forbidden Obsessions

This month’s topic is about what we’re working on, and I have two things to talk about.   One is a brand new series I’m working on for publication.   The other has me revisiting characters you’ve already met, and it’s like … Continue reading

Reading Time, or Lack Thereof….

This month’s topic is what we’re reading.  The sad truth is….not much.  It’s crunch time for me at the day job, and I’m also in the midst of actively writing right now—meaning doing a first pass through a new story, … Continue reading

Let’s Talk…Nerves and Doubt Demons with Jodie Griffin


It’s open post month, so I’m going to talk about something nearly every published author deals with….nerves! It doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve got one book out, or twenty. At some point, most of us think the same things: … Continue reading

Twists and Turns in the Road


This month, we’re talking about our paths to publication.  Mine was both shorter than some and longer than others.  Forbidden Fantasies, my first Carina Press title and my first published story ever, was rejected by Harlequin Spice Briefs. Form rejection, … Continue reading