It’s the Little Things that Count

I recently participated in a blog hop called “The Little Things.” We could interpret the topic any way we wanted, so I decided to create a list of little things that make me happy. These are things that give me joy, or make me pump my fist and say “yes!” This is by no means a complete list. Commenters on my blog mentioned things like music, their pets, hot chocolate, or even someone letting them merge into traffic as making them happy. Sometimes I dwell too much on the negative, so it was good exercise to make myself remember that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Sometimes it’s as simple as a good cup of coffee to begin my day!

  1. Fresh cotton sheets, especially when they’ve been dried outside. In a house my husband and I used to live in, we had an “umbrella line” in the back yard where I used to hang laundry on nice summer days. I’ve always loved the scent of line-dried clothes; no fabric softener can replicate it. Even if the sheets have been dried in a dryer, I love the feel of soft cotton sheets. So comfy!
  1. Not having to wait – in a line up at a store/doctor’s office/traffic light, etc. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting caught up in queue that’s going nowhere, so when all the traffic lights are green, when they open a new till just as you pull up with your shopping cart, and you’re told “The doctor can see you now” as soon as you arrive in her office, it’s cause for celebration.
  1. Getting an unexpected gift. This past Christmas my boss surprised us with Christmas gifts. They were small items – comfy socks, hand cream, lip balm, a candle – but thoughtful and totally unexpected, since we’d given up giving Christmas presents in the office some years ago. It’s always fun to get a gift, and it made us feel appreciated.
Vertical image of valentine giftbox with small pink heart on wooden background

Getting gifts makes me happy, but not as much as giving gifts.

  1. Fresh spring air. There’s nothing better then smelling fresh, clean, warm spring air after a long, cold winter. As I write this, there’s still snow on the ground where I live, but the sun is stronger and it feels like spring. It’s a great time to go for a walk with the dog and breathe it all in.
  1. Garden Vegetables. One thing I’m looking forward to this spring and summer is fresh vegetables from the garden. My husband likes to putt around in the garden and he usually grows tomatoes, peppers and potatoes in our small garden plot. We also like to go to local farmer’s markets and purchase freshly picked vegetables. There’s nothing tastier, and as a bonus, it’s good for me, too!
  1. Flowers. Another thing I’m looking forward to with the warm weather are the flowers blooming in my yard. Flowers just make me happy.

Yellow Hibiscus

This flower doesn’t grow in my garden. I took this picture in Maui. Loved the flowers there!

  1. A phone call from my daughter. My oldest daughter has lived a long distance away from us for about eight years, so getting a phone call from her, just to shoot the breeze, keeps us connected. Our youngest daughter lives in the same city, so any time she pops over to say hi is fun. It’s little things like laughing with my daughters that makes this mom happy.
  1. Reading. Reading is truly one of the joys of my life. I can go on a journey and experience another century all from the comfort of my home. Reading fires my imagination.
  1. Day dreaming. I love day dreaming. I can imagine what life would be like if I won big in the lottery, or dyed my hair purple (never going to happen, btw). Day dreaming is where many of my plots come from. Imagine how dull life would be if we didn’t have imaginations.
  1. Feeling good. This blessing is not so little. Without good health, we have nothing. We can’t work or play or create or participate with our families the way we’d like. So always be thankful for feeling good and never take it for granted.


These are a few of my “little things”. What little things make you sigh with happiness, give you joy, or make you shout “All right!”?

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