My Own Spin on Bikers

The Cut cover

Please welcome guest author Carol Lynne to the Cafe! I’m sure there are a lot of women out there who fell in love with the gritty outlaws in Sons of Anarchy. I happen to be one of them. I took … Continue reading

Writing: The Bare Necessities


This month I’ve been bouncing all over the place, searching for a topic for my January post. First, it was everything I’ve learned about the complexities of American English from my work as a literacy volunteer. There was also the househunting … Continue reading

Tricks and treats in January?

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Hello, cafe friends! We’re halfway through the first month of 2016. Can you believe it? Like most of the regulars here, I’ve spent the last month reviewing my progress in 2015 and laying out new goals for year. I’ve also … Continue reading

Researching Romantic Suspense

Samantha Ann King (back, left) Fingerprinting 101.

My first book, Sharing Hailey, had a romantic suspense element to it. My second and third books wanted romantic suspense—begged for it—but after doing all the law enforcement and legal research for that first book, I didn’t want to go … Continue reading

Happiness in a jar

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Another year??? I used to laugh when my parents said time was flying by too quickly. Now, I know exactly what they mean. It’s December, and I have no earthly idea what happened to 2015. It’s been a busy year, … Continue reading

Holiday Romance Without the Schmaltz

When I set out to write an erotic holiday story, in answer to a call from Carina Press for an anthology they put together for the 2013 holiday season, I wasn’t at all sure what the story should be. I … Continue reading

I love my heroes, but…

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I love my heroes. Their love, patience, and strength of character helps ground my heroines and come to terms with what’s right for them. The strong jaw, six-pack abs and broad shoulders don’t hurt, either. But for me, the heroine … Continue reading