Author Elle Wright Talks About Her Edge of Scandal Series

This month we’re chatting with fellow authors during a month of author interviews. To kick things off, I’m getting to know the lovely Elle Wright as we chat about family, author crushes and Her Kind of Man—the latest release in her Edge of Scandal series.

Elle, tell us a little about you and what made you first want to become a writer.

Author Elle WrightHi! Thanks for having me!

Hm. Let’s see… I am a wife and mother to three beautiful, intelligent and inspiring children. I love crime shows. My favorites are anything on ID Channel, Criminal Minds, and NCIS. I graduated from University of Michigan. GO BLUE! And I met my hubby when we ushered together in the local movie theater. We were both seniors and when I first saw him I told my cousin that I was going to marry that boy! LOL Almost 17+ years of marriage and I don’t regret a single day!

I didn’t always think I’d write a novel. I just knew I was going to write soap operas. But I ended up writing a book.

I’m where I am as a writer because of hours spent daydreaming, hard work, and perseverance. I’ve always wanted to do more, be more. My mother inspired me to read. My children inspire me to create, to follow my dreams. So, I’m living my dreams by writing.

Who are some of the authors that you admire and what are your favorite books by those authors?

My favorite author is Beverly Jenkins. I just love her work! All of it. But my favorite is Indigo. I reread it at least once a year. That book changed my life. It’s the reason I write romance.

I also enjoy Christine Hughes. I’m a HUGE fan of her Operation series. I’m a fan of all of Sheryl Lister’s work. Be Mine Forever by Kennedy Ryan was awesome. I also love Lutishia Lovely, Cheris Hodges, Nora Roberts… so many. I love discovering new authors to me. Right now, I’m listening to Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren. I’m loving it!

Your latest release, Her Kind of Man, is the third book in your Edge of Scandal series. Give us a brief overview of the series.

When I started the series, I wanted to explore the dynamics of a close-knit group of friends.

Each book is a different take on friends-to-lovers, which is my favorite trope. But each book has a sort of “bride” component. The Forbidden Man is jilted bride, His All Night is hell-no-never-a-bride, and Her Kind of Man is runaway bride.

Book One – The Forbidden Man (released July 28, 2015)

She’s walking out on her no-good fiancé… and into the arms of his brother.

Book Two – His All Night (released November 24, 2015)

No expectations, no commitments, no one gets hurt…or so she thought.

Her Kind of Man is Allina and Kent’s story. Tell us a little about both characters and the premise of the story.

Her Kind of Man by Elle WrightEngaged to a prominent preacher, Allina Parker is the envy of Cleveland. But instead of walking down the aisle, she’s running out the door. After her groom-to-be reveals his true nature, she flees to Michigan, back to Kent. Kent is the man she left behind, the one man she knew she’d always love. He is also one of her dearest friends. When she appears on his doorstep, Kent makes it his mission to protect her and finds out that there is more to her story than she’s telling him.

Allina is incredibly intelligent and creative. She’s the friend that you know is going to support you through whatever while remaining calm and collected. Her dream of dreams is to design wedding gowns, but she’s left that behind to marry. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that her Prince Charming was a sociopath. The best thing about Allina is that she surprises me. On the surface, she seems one way. But there’s so much more to her.

Kent is… loyal, dedicated, handsome, strong, protective, and funny. I absolutely loved him in all three books. He was my comic relief, but he’s also the type of friend everyone needs. He’s creative and extremely hardworking: the perfect book boyfriend.

This book delves into unrequited love. There is something about Allina and Kent that is pure magic. There’s an innocence to their relationship that I enjoyed exploring.

The story deals with some heavier, but important themes. What did you find most challenging about creating Allina and Kent’s characters and telling their story?

Her Kind of Man was a challenge for me, but that’s what makes it so fulfilling. With the other two books, especially The Forbidden Man, I really connected with Sydney and I was seriously crushing on Morgan. Ha! I created Red, Calisa, Allina and Kent to support them. It was quite the transition switching from being so focused on Morgan and Syd to working on the other two couples. Working on His All Night was easier than this one, though.

I really pushed myself with this one. There were many disturbing moments, many skeletons in both of their closets. Initially, I had a hard time connecting to Allina because I’d never gone through anything as terrible as she had. But, I wanted to write her happy ending. I needed her to go through these things to trust herself and Kent. And I needed Kent to let his guard down enough to let Allina in. It’s a journey to happiness. Allina and Kent had to climb out of that box they put themselves in; in their careers and in their relationship with each other.

What are you working on next?

Right now, I’m working on a few things. So many things. But my focus right now is on two new contemporary romance series. I’m also plotting out a romantic suspense series so that I can come back to it soon. And I’m feeling like my Edge of Scandal fans want some closure and a final novella, so I’m working on something to tie up loose ends with my favorite group of friends.

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Born and raised in Southeast Michigan near Ann Arbor, Elle learned the importance of reading from her mother. It was also her mother who, later on in her life, gave Elle her first romance novel:  Indigo by Beverly Jenkins.  From that moment on, Elle became a fan of Ms. Jenkins for life and a lover of all things romance.  An old journal she wrote back in college became her first book (which she still wants to publish one day).