Pretty Woman, Cinderella and Romance

Pretty Woman movie poster

Pretty Woman. Yep, that’s the one. When I began thinking about this month’s topic—movie and television characters—I kept coming back to Pretty Woman. As a feminist, I shouldn’t love this movie, but I do. And my favorite part is Vivian’s … Continue reading

Wannabe Writers and Television Shippers

Way back in the day…about 2005 to be precise, my mother introduced me to her favorite television show – The Gilmore Girls. I then discovered that many of my siblings, nieces and nephews were also Gilmore Girls junkies. Shouldn’t have … Continue reading

I Loved A Character So Much That I Stole Him


I used to be a tv-a-holic. Well, I still am, but working a day job and writing full time as well means something’s gotta give, so most of my favorite shows hit the chopping block. Except for the month I … Continue reading

Never gets easier


There are a ton of great things about this business. Things that never get old. A yes, when you were prepared for a no. Phone calls that make your heart break into a gallop. Gifts from the cover art angels … Continue reading

Book Binging

Alive Day

There are a lot of numbers in my life right now. 39 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks into maternity leave, 1 week ’til my due date, and 10 million things to get done before this baby makes his or her long-awaited … Continue reading

Devouring the Backlist


I’m a voracious reader. My writing style tends to be in droughts and floods, where I go gangbusters for 30-60 days to get my draft complete, then I take about 2 months off of drafting and fill my mind with … Continue reading

The best laid plans of mice and…Mags

Maggie Wells

I always start a shiny New Year filled with plans and goals. I’m one of those nutjobs who likes goals and lives for deadlines. But, for the first time since my debut release in 2011 I’m actually mostly caught up, … Continue reading

The Wicked Play Soundtrack


As others have said, inspiration for story ideas can come from anywhere. The initial spark can be from a picture or song lyric or place or—you get the idea. While writing though, my true inspiration comes from music. I have … Continue reading

Maggie’s ragged road map


My road to publication started with a love affair. Not the love affair with my husband; that started a few years before.  It wasn’t even my lifelong love of reading romance novels, though I admit to being one of those … Continue reading