Got any dynamite I can borrow?


I saw someone post this on Facebook the other day and did the whole, “Yes! That! There!” I’m in the middle of writing book three in my Coastal Heat series. The first book, GOING DEEP, came rolling out fairly smoothly. … Continue reading

The Punishment Of A Secondary Character Getting Their Own Book


If you are a loyal follower of this blog, you’ve seen me opine/rant on how much I love plotting. I believe in it wholeheartedly. I write three and four book single title series. There are dozens of characters, big and … Continue reading

Maggie’s excellent adventure


Next week, I will embark on what I hope will be an excellent adventure – I’m heading for my second-ever Romance Writers of America Annual Conference in NEW YORK CITY! Yes, I said that just like the guy on the … Continue reading

The Princess of Tides


This month we’re talking about places that inspire us. Before I give what might sound like a too-trite answer, let me explain. I’ve lived an entirely land-locked life. I grew up in Illinois. I now live in Arkansas. I think … Continue reading

Wannabe Writers and Television Shippers

Way back in the day…about 2005 to be precise, my mother introduced me to her favorite television show – The Gilmore Girls. I then discovered that many of my siblings, nieces and nephews were also Gilmore Girls junkies. Shouldn’t have … Continue reading

I Loved A Character So Much That I Stole Him


I used to be a tv-a-holic. Well, I still am, but working a day job and writing full time as well means something’s gotta give, so most of my favorite shows hit the chopping block. Except for the month I … Continue reading

Book Binging

Alive Day

There are a lot of numbers in my life right now. 39 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks into maternity leave, 1 week ’til my due date, and 10 million things to get done before this baby makes his or her long-awaited … Continue reading

The best laid plans of mice and…Mags

Maggie Wells

I always start a shiny New Year filled with plans and goals. I’m one of those nutjobs who likes goals and lives for deadlines. But, for the first time since my debut release in 2011 I’m actually mostly caught up, … Continue reading

Bingeing On Amy Lane

Chase in Shadow

As I write this, I’m bingeing on Amy Lane. (And may I say it seems particularly apropos to discuss bingeing on American Thanksgiving.) Lynda Aicher mentioned Lane’s work at the RT 2013 conference when we were discussing our mutual love … Continue reading