Rebel with a Cause


Hi, I’m Jodie Griffin and I’m about to break the “rules.”

So, this month’s post topic was to introduce you to one or a few of our characters, but instead I want to introduce you to some of my favorite characters….written by other writers!

Tyler Winterman:  Tyler Winterman was written by Joey W. Hill. You’ll find him in several of her Nature of Desire series books.  He’s a gentleman sadist, flawed and perfect, and remains, to this day, my favorite Dom.

Sam Davies:  Sam Davies was written by Cherise Sinclair and you’ll find him in her Shadowlands books.  He’s another gentleman sadist (hmmmm….I’m sensing a theme here!)  and is also one of my all-time favorites. He’s totally unapologetic for and comfortable with his need to inflict pain, and his old-fashioned courtliness and reticence made me love him even more.

Raoul Sandoval:  Another one of Cherise Sinclair’s Doms.  He’s a Master who wants a slave, and watching him train Kimberly to act like his slave after being truly enslaved is heartwrenching. He’s sweet and he’s sexy and he’s….*happy sigh*

Jace Austin and Andre Medina:  These guys were written by Roni Loren and I have them together since they ARE together. Well, them and Evan, their wife.  Jace is the uber Dom here – he tops both Evan and Andre, and they both top Evan. Plus Andre has the added bonus of knowing his baby sister is in a D/s relationship too…I love the squick he gets from that.

Ace Santana:  Oh, Ace. He’s one of Kit Rocha’s heroes, and holy freaking guacamole. Ace is….well, ace. If you’ve not read the Beyond series books, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. *shoo* I’ll wait. *waits* Well? GO. *shoos again*   Pair Ace with Cruz…or Jared…or in a scene with Dallas and Lex and Rachel and…. Well. I’ll be in my bunk.

Mac Nighthorse:  Another one of Joey W. Hill’s characters, Mac is an alpha male – and totally sexual submissive.   If you’ve never read a FemDom book and want to give it a try, I highly recommend this book.

And yes, I know…why is it all men? Don’t you like any female characters, Jodie? Yes, yes I do…many of them. But it’s the men to whom I’m drawn, so there you go.  Who are some of your favorites?