Saying Farewell

Goodbye Redux Courtesy of Kellan

All good things must come to an end. So trite, yet so true. This month marks our last here at Contemporary Romance Cafe.

We’ve had a blast for the past three years sharing our stories with you. However life is full of surprises that have kept all of us busy and made it harder to keep up with this blog. Over the past year, the resident authors of the Contemporary Romance Cafe have experienced a variety of life’s surprises. We’ve had new babies, struggled with debilitating illnesses–our own or a family member’s–and had surgeries. Then there are the demands of our writing.

Whether we have day jobs or are full-time writers, our primary career objective is to put pen to paper, so to speak, and continue bringing you, dear reader, the very best stories we can. This is a labor of love that requires increasingly more time as we venture into new contracts, commit to more ambitious writing schedules, expand into new genres or take the reins of our own careers by indie publishing.

During this time of increased obligations, our star has been quietly fading. The Cafe is no longer a bustling gathering place filled with writers and readers chatting about our beloved contemporary romance genre. The room is barely filled and even this barista is often missing in action. Rather than disappearing quietly into the night, we made the decision to close the doors of the Contemporary Romance Cafe and devote more of our time to writing stories.

That doesn’t mean you won’t see us around the Web. In fact, some of us will continue to be active on other group blogs or on our own blog. Then there is social media, where many of us are active. During this final month, each resident author will take a moment to bring us up to speed on her world, tell us what to expect from her in the future and how we can stay in touch.

Before we begin our personal farewells we’d like to take a moment collectively to say thank you to you, dear reader, for coming along on this three-year journey. We’re sad to be leaving you, but you will remain in our hearts as we continue along our individual writing paths, and we hope you’ll come along.

As the founder of this blog, I’d like to say to each of the authors who has been part of this experiment–and especially to those of you who have remained until the end–thank you so much for being part of this journey and sharing your literary journey with our readers. You’re all lovely, generous, talented authors. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. I wish you continued success on your individual paths.

With Love and Hugs!

Reese Ryan
Cafe Barista

PS: We’ll leave the blog with its wealth of juicy, fun content here for a bit. Feel free to walk the halls and explore past posts.

Lovely goodbye photo courtesy of Kellan.