My “Go-To” Authors

It wasn’t difficult for me to choose which authors to talk about for the month’s “Writer’s booksCrush” theme! I have two favorites who stand above all other authors, and no matter how many new authors I fall in love with, I will always return to re-read the books published by Hannah Howell and Julie Garwood.

I’ll start with Hannah. The first of her books I read was Highland Destiny. The story was so enjoyable that I checked to see if it was part of a series. I hit the jackpot! In a flurry of Amazon prowling, I ordered every Hannah Howell book I could get my hands on, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by anything she’s written.

One of the reasons her work appeals to me is that she writes with authenticity about Scotland. I go weak in the knees for a good-looking guy with a brogue. (I’m yours, Gerard! Come claim me!) I also enjoy her storylines and how she reprises characters from other books so that I can catch up with beloved heroes and heroines from stories gone by.
I also like Hannah’s stories because she uses humor, something I love writing into my own stories as well. Historical romances tend to be bogged down higlandbridewith so much angst. Not Hannah’s. My favorite will always be Highland Bride because of the creative and downright hilarious ways the tiny, feisty Gillyanne defeats three men bent on taking her dower lands.

My second author crush is Julie Garwood. I suppose I should clarify that I enjoy her historical romances. I’m not a fan of her contemporaries or her mainstream stories, but when it comes to her Scottish romances and her Regencies, I’m in love!

The first Garwood book I read was Prince Charming. It’s not my favorite of her stories, but it was so passionate and had such an engrossing story, I was hooked. There is the humor I enjoy, but she also has very believable heroines, the type of women a reader honorsfeels as though she “knows.” Garwood is also brave enough to make her heroes larger than life, yet she still makes them seem so real. I melt for Duncan in Honor’s Splendour.

My favorite Garwood historical is The Wedding, not only because Connor is a to-die-for hero, but because the author’s humor is so subtle, yet it made me laugh out loud at times. In the middle of a love scene, the heroine mutters, “Oh God.” The hero’s response is, “Nay, lass. Connor.”

I hope one day to inspire readers to follow me the way I follow Hannah Howell and Julie Garwood.

That would mean the world to me!


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