Is Anyone Listening?

LyndaAicherHello? *taps mic* Can you here me? Is anyone out there?

That’s what I feel like every time I post anything on social media. To me, it’s a big black hole we shovel things into, usually with very little return. Yet, we’re told over and over that we have to do it.

Promote yourself. Talk about you. Share your life and stories. Oh, and you can sometimes talk about your books, but not much because that annoys people. Hmmm… what if I don’t want to talk about myself or share my personal life with the world? It’s a real predicament for those of us who aren’t comfortable being “out there.”

On the flip side, I often wonder if anyone really cares about what I have to say. I mean, do people honestly want to know what I’m cooking for dinner or what shoes I bought? Do they care about what my kids say or want to see pictures of my cat? And what about all those posts that get zero response–hear the crickets chirping? Should we stress about those because wow, we’re so boring no one can be bothered to respond?




This is my issue. The time I spend worrying about what I’m putting out to the social media world usually isn’t justified. I’ll go in spurts where I diligently try to keep up the many sites, but that only last for as long as I have the time. Then deadlines come in and life happens and it all falls away until I’m reminded (poked, prodded, jarred) into doing it again.

Am I the lone person who stresses out over this? Please tell me I’m not the only one who finds the pressure of keeping up on social media to be agonizing. I was going to say torturous, but that’s going a little overboard (maybe). Or am I really the anomaly in a world of ever-growing technology and shrinking face-to-face interaction?

And now for that thing I’m not supposed to do…


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Is Anyone Listening? — 8 Comments

  1. Yep, me too. I know I don’t engage on social media the way you’re suppose to. I always seem to be one step behind. Social media doesn’t seem fun or natural for me. It just seems like work. However, the one exception for me is blogging. I’ve always enjoyed it, maybe because it allows me to expand on ideas. I don’t have to try to be witty in 140 characters! The downside is that writing blogs takes time I don’t really have.

    All the best with your boxed set!

  2. I know what you ladies mean!!! I just found this site and since I am a Contemporary Romance Author, thought I’d check it out. As SOON as I read Linda’s post I thought, “that’s me!!!” Where does people find the time for all of this blogging and social media? But, I am learning that if we want our books seen by readers, we have no choice. So, I’m a’ learnin’ and a tryin’ :)

  3. I definitely get how you’re feeling, Lynda. Social media can also be a real distraction for a person like me whose mind already wanders from branch to branch. After all, what I really need to be doing is writing. However, I do enjoy getting to know people and chatting with them, so taking that approach makes me feel more comfortable with the whole process. Promoting my work, however, is another thing altogether. I always find that more difficult to do.

    • I do like the interactions and connections that you can make, it’s just getting over the initial wariness that’s hard. And making the continued effort. I honestly don’t know how people find the time. I guess maybe it’s not high enough on my priority list…

  4. You’re not alone, Lynda. I find trying to keep up with social media to be very difficult. With a full time job, I feel like I need to spend my time off writing. Yet we’re told we must have a presence. I do the best I can, but like you, I guess it’s not that high on my priority list.

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