Very Superstitious…

canstockphoto21741700I usually blather on and on about what I’m working on, but I’m feeling kind of superstitious this month. I’m afraid if I talk too much about things that aren’t actually written yet I’m dooming them to failure. It probably started last month when I met with my critique group and read the opening of book one of a new series I’m working on that I call Love in the North Woods. It was universally greeted with a chorus of “Meh.” Even I felt that way after reading it. It’s not that it’s badly written. It just has no ‘oomph’. There’s a whole lot of blah going on.

So it’s back to the drawing board for that story. Here’s a quick synopsis of the Love in the North Woods series; it’s about three sisters who inherit a decrepit fishing lodge in the woods of Minnesota from their grandparents and try to bring it back to life. I’ve only written the first three chapters of the first book, but at the moment it’s on life support. And so is my heroine. She’s about as strong as a wet noodle right now. Sigh. But I still believe in the series (I think) so I’m going to try to revise a strong, interesting opening.

I’m also working on another series that I’m feeling superstitious about. The first book in the series is completed, and I’m getting ready to submit it. I’m nervous that talking about it will jinx it. The prospect of rejection is looming over me; I feel like a cartoon character who’s being followed by a little black cloud. Any minute now it’s going to rain. I’ll share this much with you. This series (I haven’t come up with a name for it yet) will have at least three books, and again it’s about a family, this time two sisters and a brother who each overcome personal tragedies to find love.

And then there’s the series I call Twice in a Lifetime. I’ve had this three book series on the back burner for longer than I care to remember. It’s a time travel/paranormal romance about a man who must earn his angel wings by taking three mortals back in time for a second chance at love. I love this series. The first book is nearly completed, but I ran into a road block plot-wise and I haven’t been able to surmount it yet. If you happen to go back to my post of August 2013 when we talked about what we were writing here at CRC, I have the same series listed as a work in progress. Unfortunately, I haven’t made any progress on it whatsoever since then. Call me superstitious, but maybe I should quick talking about it and actually write it.

So there you have it, my little tale of woe. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over many years of writing and publishing, the best way to overcome the blahs of writing is to just keep writing. And submitting. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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    • Since I wrote this post, I have submitted my manuscript, and I’ve also done some plot work on book two. At the moment I’m trying to figure out what book three is about. But with Christmas coming and busy times at the day job, work on my writing may not happen until after Christmas.

      I look forward to seeing what you’re working on, Jeffe. Or not.

  1. Good luck with your submission and writing, Jana. Definitely been there with the plot road blocks (got a few of those sitting “under the bed”). I think you’re right about writing through it being the best way to get out of those writing blahs.

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