Squeeing Like a Fangirl

In 2009, I attended the Literacy Signing for the RWA Conference in DC. Not the whole conference, just the book signing.  I was writing then, but not published. And OHMIGOD. This room was full…FULL…of amazing writers I’d known and loved for a long time.   Some I’d known for years from online at the Harlequin Superromance board (and some from the old SIM board!) women who kept encouraging me to keep writing and keep trying:  Loreth Anne White. Catherine Mann.  Samantha Hunter.  Holly Jacobs.  Ellen Hartman. So many more…and I was in heaven.

(I also accidentally smacked JR Ward with my backpack in a crowded elevator that night, but that’s a different blog post.)

I thought I’d never be able to top that, and then I went to the RWA Conference in Atlanta in 2013 as a participant and as a published writer. Guess what? Still fangirl squeed over everyone I met.  By this time, my reading choices — and writing style— had gotten more erotic and lots kinkier.  When I met Kate Douglas at the book signing, I tripped all over my tongue trying to tell her how much I enjoyed her Wolf Tales books. I got to meet Eden Bradley at the Passionate Ink party and then hung out with her at the Harlequin Party. Me. Hanging out. WITH EDEN BRADLEY. (I have a tiny fangirl crush on Eden. Just a little one. Okay, a big one. She’s the author of the first BDSM erotic romance I can remember reading. And yes, she knows both those things, so I feel comfortable gushing about them to you.)   

RWA HQN BooksigningSeeHearSpeak

And at that conference I also got to meet my anthology sisters, Del Dryden and Christine d’Abo, for the first time.  Have you read them? If not, you should. They. Are. AMAZING. Writer Peeps. We got to sign our anthology together at the Harlequin signing.  That was one of my most favorite life moments ever. SO COOL.


In San Antonio, I got to meet Roni Loren, who is just as nice in person as she is online. Her BDSM books are on my auto-buy list. If you haven’t read her, you should give her a try!  I might maybe have ambushed her in the lobby, but she was quite gracious about it.  And I roomed with Sidney Bristol, who also writes fabulous BDSM books. You know what I’m going to say next: if you haven’t read her, you should!  She’s an amazing person, and she travels with A LOT of shoes. And makes multiple wardrobe changes during the day, in case you were wondering. 😉  How about Vivian Arend?  Uh huh. Pick up a book of hers. Or two. Along with being a great writer, she gives the best hugs.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and read!

PS:  I’m still waiting to meet Joey Hill, one of my biggest fangirl writer crushes.  Though I know…KNOW…I’ll be too tongue tied to speak to her, maybe I’ll be able to at least croak out a greeting. Or something.

PPS: I know I’ve missed people I mean to gush about. If you’re looking for who I love to read, check out my Goodreads page. Or look at my Twitter. I follow most of the people I crush on. Er, I mean, people whose books I love to red. *nods* That sounds more per-fesh-un-al.



Squeeing Like a Fangirl — 4 Comments

  1. Ohmygosh-thank you for the mention! You are a doll! And I agree with all of the lovely folks you’ve mentioned-wonderful writers and just such good people. Joey Hill is such a sweetheart-your fangirling might make her blush a li’l. :)

    Hope to see you again soon! Maybe Sid and I will be rooming together again, in which case you won’t be able to get in the door due to the piles of shoes!


  2. *hugs hugs hugs* You are the BEST! And you well deserve the many squeeing fangirls you’ve picked up along the way, my dear!

    Oh, and Joey Hill? Is absolutely wonderful in person. Incredibly sweet and gracious.

    Okay, new goal for next con: hope Eden and Sid are rooming together, just so I can go and admire the shoe collection. If they also shared w/ Karina Cooper, nobody would be able to get in or out of that room for all the amazing footwear…

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