Sports and Romance

LyndaAicherI’m a girl who was raised playing sports. I’m the youngest of three girls and in terms of activities for kids where I was raised, sports were pretty much it. National law had finally dictated that public schools had to offer girl and boy teams and I was a product of one of the first generations to benefit from that law.

bballSo I played softball, basketball, soccer, ran track, tried gymnastics and even played ice hockey in college (intermural). I watch football every Sunday during the season and pretty much know the rules of most US sports. I can cheer with the guys and debate calls with the best of them. Does that make me a tomboy? No. What it makes is a modern female.

The old stereotype that women can’t and don’t like sports is exactly that—old. I just heard a statistic that almost half of NFL fans are women. Yes, there is still a good portion of women who don’t like sports, but that can also be said for men. The idea that our gender defines whether or not we like sporting events is as old as the stereotype.

ithadtobeyouThis is why I love reading sports romances. I gobbled up Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books about the Chicago Stars back in the nineties. That was the first series I found that combined three things I love. Reading, romance and sports. Do you remember these books?

Thankfully, sports romance have become more plentiful and popular in the last five or so years and have broadened to cover all kinds of sports. I’m theorizing this is because there are more women like me who grew up on sports and love reading stories centered around them. But hey, that’s just a wild guess. I’m also betting that there are more women like me who grew up on sports and are now writing sports romances. And isn’t that pretty dang cool?


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  1. I like this post–you are so right! I was–and am–non-athletic (okay, I’m clumsy) but am the mother and grandmother of athletes and am so glad things have changed as much as they have.

    • I know just as many females as males who love playing and watching sports. It’s just too bad professional women’s teams haven’t become more popular. Someday though, that might not be true.

  2. I’m the non-athlete in our family. My husband has always participated in all kinds of sports. My daughters were both in competitive gymnastics, and my oldest daughter is now into martial arts. But my lack of talent has never stopped me from appreciating sports. Women can definitely be fans!

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