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When I wrote STARTING FROM SCRATCH, I had only a vague idea about the heroine’s best friend.  This person had to be a comedic foil in a book that dealt with a lot of deeply emotional issues—a much-needed rest stop for the reader, basically. 

At first I thought this character should be like my personal favorite sidekick of all time, Willow, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and for your daily earworm, have fun listening to the opening credits! 😀 ).  Willow was AWESOME.    The weirdness of Joss Whedon’s Sunnydale would have been enough to make anyone a nervous wreck even without the normal teenage angst.  But for the most part, it didn’t faze Willow.  On the contrary, instead of running away like anyone else would, she befriended the one person who was at the very center of the weirdness—Buffy—and played the all-important role of support group.

That’s what I wanted for my heroine’s best friend.  With an emotionally heavy storyline, I needed a sidekick who knew all about the angst, was even on the periphery of it, but somehow managed to keep my heroine from drowning in it.  This character would also act as a more objective narrator, sort of like my personal mouthpiece, through which I could deliver important plot points without getting it all twisted around.  Secondary characters have the luxury of seeing the field more clearly than the main characters, so they’re a great vehicle when it comes to relaying vital information.

The one thing I didn’t expect was that my heroine’s sidekick was, in fact, a big, sexy man.

Coe Rodas is one of my all-time favorite characters.  When he came into being, during SfS, it was as though he had a life of his own.  Without my guidance, he became male, a genius with all things mechanical, a former stock car driver, with a hint in his background that something had gone wrong in his past:


Lucy frowned at Coe, knowing full well where he was going with this. “Are you saying the plans you made in your early twenties have gone exactly the way you wanted them to? Remember who you’re talking to.”


When Lucy said that, a light suddenly went on.  Coe’s backstory became so huge in my head that I had to consciously keep all his appearances in the book deliberately centered on the main characters, so I wouldn’t lose focus on what they had to say.

But now it’s Coe’s turn in a book all his own.  As I wrap up his story–where he comes from and where he’s going (with Lucy playing the supporting role this time around)–I almost don’t want to say goodbye to him.  The secondary character who was supposed to be nothing more than comic relief and support is so complex and drop-dead sexy, I don’t want to let go.  But I know I have to. After all, there’s a certain secondary character in Coe’s story that needs my attention…


QUESTION:  Who’s your favorite sidekick of all time?



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    • Hi, Liz! *waves*

      Yay, I’m so glad you liked him! ^_^ Actually, I’m on the last chapter of Coe’s story. At long last he gets to explain what went wrong in his past in his own, thoroughly “Coe” way. 😀 Here’s what he’s currently up to:

      (from Chapter 17, Coe’s story)

      Then Miranda paused as a thought struck out of the blue. “While you were playing with our phones and putting in ringtones and taking photos of yourself, you didn’t happen to take any pictures of me, did you?”

      His sudden chuckle was downright wicked. “Don’t worry. They’re very tasteful. Like works of art.”

      Dear God. “Coe…”

      “No one could possibly recognize you, babe. Your head was under a pillow and you were sleeping so peacefully on your stomach. You looked like an angel. I couldn’t help myself.”

      Awww. “Really?”

      “Really. In fact, you can barely even see the crack of your ass thanks to the placement of the sheet—“

      “You’re deleting those pictures, mister.”


      • I love that excerpt, Stacy! Coe really sounds like a wonderful character, funny and charming.

        One of my favorite secondary characters has got to be Dr. Watson of “Sherlock Holmes” fame. There have been so many different Watsons over the years, but they all exhibit extreme patience with the mercurial Holmes; he may be brilliant, but he’s enough to drive a saint crazy. My favorite Watson right now is Lucy Liu in “Elementary”. She definitely brings something new and different to the role!

        • Absolutely, Jana! Watson might be the best sidekick of all time. Don’t get me wrong, Holmes is a magnificent character, but because he’s so far above the rest of us mere mortals, it’s hard to relate to him. Watson is the one we can relate to. We see what happens through Watson’s eyes, which means there would be no story without this perfect sidekick. :)

          (P.S. And now I’m going to have to hit “Elementary” on Netflix!)

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