Sequel Bait

Sometimes when I read a book, it’s kinda obvious to me that the author is setting up the secondary characters to have their own book. The most annoying being when minor plotlines are not resolved because best friend Joe Schmoe will be the hero in book 2. I say annoying because I like my books all wrapped up in a nice neat bow—I need resolution, damn it! Wicked Weekend

Such was definitely not the case while writing Wicked Weekend. I had no series or sequel plans. It was actually my editor who really, really wanted to read the best friend, Sawyer’s story. I don’t know why, but the idea had never occurred to me. But Sawyer is such a smartass, bad ass and all around kick ass Dom I just couldn’t resist writing his story. And hello, rope bondage! How could I pass up all that kinky fun?

And then while writing Sawyer’s story, Up In Knots, a few more characters popped up and got me wondering about their happily ever afters. (You can see where this is going, right?) I do promise however that my series stories are self-contained with no dangling plot lines.

Up In KnotsBecause you all know how much that annoys me 😉

PS Check out my awesome cover art for Up In Knots! Isn’t it gorgeous? I might’ve been fondling it for the past two weeks. Only five weeks until release day. Can’t wait!


Sequel Bait — 10 Comments

  1. ” I like my books all wrapped up in a nice neat bow—I need resolution, damn it! ” I so agree! I love series’ but I want each book finished. Lol

  2. I can remember being excited about a series (MacGregors anyone? Velvets?) Now I’m sometimes relieved when a great book doesn’t lead to another one–I never seem to have time to read them.

    • Agreed. Books should be self contained. I’d say my #2 pet peeve is unknowingly picking up something in the middle of the series. If I don’t know what’s going on, I prolly won’t finish it.

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