Did You See That Squirrel?

I’m at a complete blank as I try to think of a topic for this post. Should it be about writing or a funny anecdote about life or conferences or publishing? Or…Yeah, I have nothing.

Is this a version of writers block? The ideas are all gone. My fingers hover over the computer keys but won’t land on any of them. A blank screen stares back at me, the obnoxious cursor line blinking in expectation. Pixel The Helper Cat offers nothing from her chair in the corner. Oh—the sun came out. Did one of my kids call for me? Am I hungry? What’s happening on Twitter? Squirrel!


Yup, that’s how writing is some days. It’s so easy to find something else to do. Heck, I’ve resorted to cleaning when the thought of trying to force dribble out of my brain into words for a story was simply too daunting. Today I spent hours creating promo items instead of starting my next book. You know, the one that’s due in nine weeks.

I’ve found I can’t force the words out. However, delaying them doesn’t help either. Hello deadline stress! I’m a great procrastinator who’s thankfully deadline driven. Which means the book will get done on time, but I might be putting in really long hours at the end.

Until then—oh, the flowers are blooming! Should I make sample booklets to give away? I need to create bookmarks too. And some teasers graphics and my bathroom needs to be cleaned…

Did you see that squirrel?!?


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