Scene stealers

We’re talking secondary characters this month! Whoo hoo! I love secondary characters. I love it when they wriggle their way into a story. They have a way of taking on lives of their own, and sometimes they even try to take over the story. This happened to me recently. One of my recent projects, Going Deep, opens with a conversation between my heroine, Brooke, and her best friend Laney. Through numerous revisions, one thing has remained the same: Laney got the first line.

“If I didn’t have Harley Cade and his ten million ways of making a girl happy, I’d cling to that man’s hull like a barnacle.”

Later in the same scene, Laney proves that she is the best kind of best friend when she helps Brooke ogle their former classmate, hotshot marine biologist Brian Dalton.

“Shelbrooke Hastings, are you trying to tell me that you have absolutely no interest in spawning with Aquaman over there?”

“I prefer Batman. Maybe Superman. Hell, I’d even take Captain America, though I’m pretty sure he’s a prig in bed.”

Her friend barked a short laugh. “I’m betting Superman has a stick up his ass too.”

“Yes, but he has that ice castle thingy. I always thought that looked so awesome.”

Laney nodded, the corners of her mouth pulling down as she gave the argument due consideration. “Beats the hell out of a damp, musty cave.”

“Yes, but Batman has the black cape. And all the cool toys.”

“God, can you imagine the vibrator Wayne Enterprises could manufacture?” Fluttering her hand in front of her face, Laney clutched imaginary pearls. “A Bat-brator. Just what every single girl needs.”

Well, hell. How can I not write Laney’s story? For the moment, it’s just a glimmer of an idea rattling around in the back of my head. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s really about three paragraphs in my online notebook. But one day….

How about you? Do you like it when a secondary character bursts from the story, or do you want them to stay put and be quiet?

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The Art Lover by Maggie Wells

The Art Lover by Maggie Wells


Scene stealers — 8 Comments

  1. I love it when the secondary characters add color to the story and I think it is great when they can end up with a story of their own. By then they are like old friends and we want to know what happens in their lives.

  2. I say, let them burst away! Secondary characters are often the thing for me that truly makes a story special. Some authors, such as yourself, have a real knack for creating fantastic storylines for the supporting cast, and I thank you for that! :)

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