Scariest Moment of My Life

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As a writer, it is my job to exaggerate scenarios or situations to obtain the best result. Kind of like a guy, afraid of heights, who’d climb a water tower to spray-paint a girl’s name on it. But this story is not a figment of my imagination and I’m not going to blow up the details. I’m giving it to you straight, people.

Sometime in early spring, my husband and son went out of town for a soccer tournament, leaving me with my two daughters (13 and 2…don’t ask!). With my girls by my side, we headed outdoors to tackle some weeding and planting. I mean, who doesn’t love the look of fresh flowers on the front porch.

I need to back up and explain my yard. Our house, and the neighborhood, sits on a bluff overlooking a river. The backyard drops off with 30-40 feet of tall grass and wooded stuff. This is perfect to dump our lawn waste.

Everything was going well, I was weeding and my daughters were planting flowers in large pots, getting a lot of dirt on the driveway instead of in the pot. But all was good. Birds were singing and for some reason, the bugs we flying elsewhere. I took a bucket of yard waste, my first full bucket of weeds, to the backyard to dump over the cliff. The bucket swung at my side and I was just walking along, with a song in my heart, when coiled right below where I was about to step was a snake.  I’m pretty sure I screamed, leaped in the air in a move totally Matrix worthy, and took off zig zagging through the back yard sidestepping more snakes that could’ve been lurking in the grass. I rounded the corner to find my oldest staring at me. I collapsed on the front step, concrete not hot enough to burn my under thighs. I explained to my daughter between huge sucks of air. Tears burning in my eyes. And my beautiful, peaceful spring day was suddenly not so pretty.

I still won’t step foot into our backyard, standing on our back porch, keeping watch .

What kind of snake you ask? Well, that day, I swore it was a rattlesnake and the diamond pattern will forever be burned in my mind.

But a few days later someone posted on FB a pic of a similar snake that wasn’t poisoness.

Hey, I’m no fool. I’m not taking any chances.

Good-bye backyard. I’ll see you in the winter when you are covered in snow!

~  ~  ~

Finding You Cover

Finding You

A long-lost grandfather dies, leaving Jessica Crispin a sizable inheritance. The only catch? She has to find her mom and she only has 30 days to do in order to collect the money.

Enlisting her best friend, Violet Flowers, Jessica sets out on a road trip, following clues left by her father, currently incarcerated for murder. What she learns is that no one is giving her all the information, keeping her in the dark.

Stranded on the side of the road, a hero pulls up with green eyes promising long kisses and dark hair worth pulling. Even after he is long gone, she can’t shake Jackson and doesn’t want to.

Clues in letters from her mother, leads her around three states, and countless miles, until she finds something more than she bargained for.

With a deadline closing in, does Jessica find her mother along with all the answers she craves? Can her dreams come true, allowing her to live happily ever after, or was the journey too much, pulling a single thread of hope, causing her world to unravel.

~  ~  ~

About Jennifer Anderson:

Jennifer Anderson headshotRef, chauffer, master chef and booboo kisser. When I’m not wielding my super mom powers, I like to weave sentences together and offer a little escape to my readers. You can usually find me sitting in the dark in front of my computer, falling in love with my characters. Send chocolate!

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Twitter   @JenniA8677


Additional Books by Jennifer Anderson:

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Upcoming Release:

November 2015: Tumble and Fall, YA


Scariest Moment of My Life — 16 Comments

    • Thank you. I know I need to deal but I’m scared TO DEATH! But behind the glass at the zoo, I’m cool! Thank you !

  1. I’m afraid you’d be SOL on Naked and Afraid. Seems all they eat is snakes and bugs! OTH, could be interesting. When I was a preschooler, I brought a snake from the yard into the house. Apparently, my mom wasn’t any more of a fan than you are. :-)

  2. I am so not a fan of snakes! All we have here are harmless little garter snakes, but I still hate them. I’m totally with you Jennifer! Love the premise of your book BTW. Good luck!-

  3. Hate snakes. I did start to step over a baby rattler once at work, thinking it was an electric cord…until it moved. I ran. I didn’t have breath to scream. I have chills just typing this–and it’s been many many years. But ICK.
    Your book sounds great. Off to the bookseller I go…

    • Oh, don’t even get me started on spiders! I have all these grand ideas about being out in nature. I know, I’m nuts because I’d be a mess after a few minutes!

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