The Personal and the Professional

I’ve been going through a scary time in my personal life. But that’s my personal life, not my professional life, right?

Except… Except.

When I sit down at my desk at the day job to work, when I sit down at my desk at home to write…the fear creeps in. Sometimes we forget—or, at least, sometimes I forget—that the mind we use to work, to create, is the same mind we use to cope with the rest of our lives.

Fear is the Mind Killer

The support we have around us, friends and family, can be critical to being able to set aside the chaos of our lives when we sit down to write. When I sit down to write. But right now, that’s not happening for me. When I sit down to write, everything becomes about the fear and uncertainty weighing over me.

By the time you read this, I’ll know more about what’s happening. The uncertainty will have receded—at least to some extent—and the fear will be… Well, either the fear will be gone, and everything will go back to normal—or it won’t.

But, for now, the answer to “What are you working on?” is “Fear.”

Until next time,

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